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The Augustan #82
The Mystery of the British Crown Jewels by R. Thomas Cheevers, FSA(Scot), FAS, OAA Hospitallers Tour Augustan Headquarters The Coronet of an Earl by Sir Phillip M. Weber, KtB, FAS Rose Day 1977 The Elusive American Crown by Nancy Holst Coats of Arms Which Talk by Rene Le Clere, Kt, KCR, OAA Marburgs Legacy from the Teutonic Knights by Elizabeth Crutchfield Monarchy Committee Report by R. Thomas Cheevers, FSA(Scot), FAS, OAA The Dukedom in Britain by John H. Nicholls, FAS The Marquessate in Britain by John H. Nicholls, FAS The Viscountcy in Britain by John H. Nicholls, FAS The Holy Crown of Hungary Official Section Reviews, etc.
Germanic Genealogist #16
German, Swiss and French Settlements in North America During the Colonial Era ... Old Dunkard Graveyard near Derry Station, Dauphin Co., PA by Oscar H. Stroh ... Family Graveyards in Pennsylvania: Old Ebersole Farm Graveyard and Huber Family Graveyard by Oscar H. Stroh ... From the Bible of Jacob Rush of Virginia by Dr. Dorothy Boyd Rush ... Bear-Lithia Cemetery Inscriptions, Bear-Lithia Spring, Virginia by Dr. Dorothy Boyd Rush ... Heraldry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland by L.G. Pine FAS ... Baptismal Records St. Paul’s Evangelical United Church of Christ, Oak Harbor, Ohio, by Grace Luebke ... Germanic Families Being Researched ... A Survey of the German States: The Kingdom of Prussia ... News & Notes ... Queries ... Surname Interest Listings
Germanic Genealogist #17
Published as Germanic Genealogist Issue #17 (originaly #17A and 17B), 1979, 134pp. “List of articles appearing in Issues 1–16 of the Germanic Genealogist” “Surname Index to the Germanic Genealogist Issues 1–16” by Grace Luebke
Germanic Genealogist #18a
Queries ... Surname Interest Listings
Germanic Genealogist #18b
Review: Finding Aids to the Microfilmed Manuscript Collection of the Genealogical. Society of Utah: Preliminary Survey of the German Collection ... Queries ... Surname Interest Listings
Germanic Genealogist #19
Issue #19, 1979, 50 pp., including: Making a Preliminary Germanic Survey: A Source to Consider, The CFI by Robert E. Stiens, FAS Hessian Emigrants to America in the Year 1835, Part IV, by Dr. Kurt Günther Hessian Emigrants to America In the Year 1836, Part V, by Dr. Kurt Günther Documents Relating to Pennsylvania in the State Archives of Rheinland Pfalz and the Saarland, in review of Inventar der Quellen zur Geachichte der Auewanderung 1500–1914 Strohs Cemetery: Fishing Creek Village, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania, by Oscar H. Stroh Passenger Lists of the Steamship Trave, of the Steamship Steinhoft, 1893; of the Steamship Stuttgart, 1893, by Robert E. Stiens, FAS Queries; Surname Interest Listings; Reviews and Publications Received; News & Notes; etc.
Germanic Genealogist #20
Issue #20, 1980, 72 pp., including: The Kingdom of Bavaria in 1872 The House of Witteisbach (includes maps, genealogy charts) by Rodney Hartwell Bavarian Archives and Research Deserters Roll of the “Hochfuerstlich Hessischen Hochloeblichen Leib Regiment Infanterie modo Erbprintz” 1776–1783, by Dr. Kurt Günther Passenger List of the Sorrento 1892, by Robert E. Stiens, FAS Notes from Osnabrück/Land, with map plate, by Charles Racker Hessian Emigrants to America in the Year 1837, Part VI, by Dr. Kurt Günther Schwenk of Aitleiningen, Palatinate, Part I, by Norman Edward Schwenk The Christmas Plate by Shirley Craw Warren Three Letters from Joseph Bernhard to Wilhelmina Rosa (Bernhard) Schwenk, 1893, 1894, 1897 News & Notes; Queries; Surname Interest Listings
Germanic Genealogist #21
Published as Germanic Genealogist (VI:1) Issue #21, 1981, 32pp. (183–214), including: “A Partial Listing of the Palatine Families of New York” by Henry Z. Jones, Jr. “Württemberg in 1887” “Duke Eberhard I, called with the beard, von Wirtemberg” by Hans D. Birk, FAS Germanic Interest Guide; Queries; Surname Interest Listings; Editorial; Letters
The Augustan #83
Published as The Augustan (XIX:3) issue #83, 1978, 56pp (73–128), including: The Problem of Norman Ancestry by Leslie Pine FAS The Alleged Descent of Luise Charlotte Radziwill from the Emperors of Trebizond by Lindsay L. Brook Fardell Manor, Devonshire, England by Colonel J.M. Ridgell Jr., OAA The Case of the Petrine Peerage by Forest E. Barber The Earldom in Britain by John H. Nicholls FAS Princes and Postage Stamps of Liechtenstein by Ronald W. Brennan MAS Ancestors of the King and Queen of Spain Part II by Robert L. Stimmel MAS Official Section Reviews, etc.
Germanic Genealogist #22
Published as Germanic Genealogist (VI:2) Issue #22, 1981, 32 pp. (217–248), including: “Hessian Emigrants to America 1838–1839” by Dr. Kurt Günther Mennonite Family History notice Families Being Researched “Some North German Surnames” by Charles Recker, FSO Plote Family Letter “Passenger List 1893” by Robert E. Stiens, FAS The Schroepfer Story, by Cleo Van Lerberg “Reviews” by Patricia Kirkwood, FAS, and others Frank Schubert. Grundbesitzerlisten auf Feldflurkarten mecklenburg: Städte aus dem Jahr 1727, review by Forest Barber, OAE Michael J. Anuta. East Prussians from Russia. George F. Jones and Renate Wilson, eds. Detailed Reports of the Salzburger Emigrants who settled in America, 1738, Vol. V. Ernest Thode. Address Book for Germanic Genealogy, 2nd ed. E.J. Johansson, ed. Kaiserzeit Frank R. and Muriel H. Griepp. The Descendants of Gottfried and Wilhelmine Griepp and their Hintz and Rathke kinships. Alice M. Gruber. Gruber-Reissenweber, a generation of letters. Charles M. Hall. The Atlantic Bridge to Germany, Vol. I: Baden-Wuerttemberg. Charles M. Hall. The Atlantic Bridge to Germany, Vol. V: Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, Bremen. Charles W. Heckert. The German-American Diary: notes of related historical interest. Lowell L. Koontz. History of the Descendants of John Koontz. Otto K. and Vera Kowallis. Genealogical Guide and Atlas of Silesia. Emil E. Lehenbauer. The Family Lehenhauer. Dagmar Senekovic. Handy Guide to Austrian Genealogical Records. Jared H. Suess. Handy Guide to Swiss Genealogical Records. Robert M. Dructor, comp. Guide to Genealogical Sources at the Pennsylvania State Archives. Earnest Sevier Cox. Teutonic Unity. F.J. Los. The Franks: a critical study in Christianisation and Imperialism. review by Forest E. Barber, OAE Rev. Stephen F. Bauer. Bauer: Alsace to America. R.W. Dhonau. German Pioneers: Dhonau, Rickert, and Related Families. Richard Gary Schmidt. Sixteen Maryland Families. “Passengers from Germania to the United States 1821–1823” (continued from #14) “Ancestral Lines:” Hambscher/Hampsher, by Mrs. Clarence R. Yaw Kreuter/Greuter, by Charlotte Schmidt Rogers Queries; Surname Interests; etc.
Germanic Genealogist #23
Germanic Genealogist (VI:3/4) Issues #23/24, 1982, 65pp. “Reintroduction to the Ancestral Blood Lines of the Brechts of Baden” by Mrs. J.D. Hitchings Bennett “The Allegience of Colonel Haussegger” by Charles Recker, FSO “The Webers of Hannover and other Family Connections” (Part 2) by Norman E. Schwenk “Ahnentafel of Robert M. Kurtz” by Robert M. Kurtz Book Reviews: Julie A. Hendricks, ed.. The Meyer Mirror. review by Charles Recker, FSO. William Iscrupe, ed. Somerset Past: The History and Genealogy of Somerset County, Pennsylvania. review by Patricia Kirkwood, FAS. J. Randall Houp, ed. The Houp, Houpe, Houpt Family Historian Quarterly. review by Rodney Hartwell. Oscar H. Stroh. Pennsylvania German Tombstone Inscriptions Vol. I. review by Rodney Hartwell. R. Thomas Mayhill. Lancaster County Pennsylvania Deed Abstracts & Revolutionary War Oaths of Allegiance. review by Rodney Hartwell. “Some American Descendants of Jürgen Cordes” by Charles Recker, FSO “Maps of Germany & Adjacent Areas” by Thode Translations (commercial listing) “Where Have All the Barnims Gone? or, Once Over Pomerania, Lightly” by Rodney C. Walker “Three Passenger Lists 1893: the Amaifi, the Italia, and the Weimar” by Robert E. Stiens, CG, FAS Queries Ancestrals Lines: Köhler “Editor's Comments” by Rod Hartwell
Germanic Genealogist #25
Published as Germanic Genealogist (VII:1), Issue #25, 1983, 44pp. (315–358), including: Query-Fest Queries Addresses of Helpful Organizations and Individuals Surname Interest Listings “Ancestral Lines” “Hansen of Schleswig” by Mary E. (Hansen) Kruse “Trollinger/Drollinger of Baden” by Gordon Louis Drollinger, AA, BS