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The Augustan #83

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Published as The Augustan (XIX:3) issue #83, 1978, 56pp (73–128), including:

  • The Problem of Norman Ancestry by Leslie Pine FAS
  • The Alleged Descent of Luise Charlotte Radziwill from the Emperors of Trebizond by Lindsay L. Brook
  • Fardell Manor, Devonshire, England by Colonel J.M. Ridgell Jr., OAA
  • The Case of the Petrine Peerage by Forest E. Barber
  • The Earldom in Britain by John H. Nicholls FAS
  • Princes and Postage Stamps of Liechtenstein by Ronald W. Brennan MAS
  • Ancestors of the King and Queen of Spain Part II by Robert L. Stimmel MAS
  • Official Section
  • Reviews, etc.
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