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The Augustan Omnibus #124

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Published as "The Augustan Omnibus" (XXIX:4) Issue #124, June 2013, 40pp., including:

  • The Law of Trial by Combat in Meieval England by Alan J. Koman
  • The Five Elements in Chinese and Native American Thought by Joseph UPhoff, MH, FAS
  • The Mystery of Ancient Yamatai: Its Implications on the Lineage of the Japanese Imperial Family by John M. Tibbetts
  • Noble Ranks and Titles by Thomas B. Lemann, FAS
  • Wearing of the Insignia of the Society: With Illustrations of Each by Dr. Charles E.F. Drake, KtB, OAE
  • Book Reviews:
    • Mary McAuliffe, Clash of Crowns: William the Conqueror, Richard Lionheart, and Eleanor of Aquitaine, A Story of Bloodshed, Betrayal, and Revenge reviewed by Joseph Uphoff, MH, FAS
    • Alan J. Koman, A Who's Who of Your Ancestral Saints reviewed by Gary Boyd Roberts
  • Arms of His Holiness, Pope Francis
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