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The Augustan Omnibus #126

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Published as "The Augustan Omnibus" (XXX:2) Issue #126, July 2014, 44pp., including:

  • Exploring Royal German Families and Their Castles, Abbeys, and Tombs by Ronald Brennan, OAE
  • A Continuation of the Ancestry of the Prince of Wales, Part XXIII: Additions to Generation O by Arthur Germond, FAS
  • An Expanded Genealogy of Nelson Mandela by Joseph Uphoff, OAE
  • Book Review by Joseph Uphoff, OAE:
    • Christopher Davis, How the Grail Became Holy
  • Dr. Hans von Leden, Grand Hospitaller of the Order of St. Lazarus & Member of the Chivalry Committee: Biography by Felix Pfeifle and Personal Reflections by Jean-Paul Gauthier de la Martinière, FAS
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