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Augustan Omnibus #128

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Published as The Augustan Omnibus XXXI:1–2, Issues #128–129, 2015, 72pp.

  • Editoials
  • Letters
  • “A Glimpse into Southeast Asian History” Part II, by Joseph Uphoff, OAE
  • “Evolution from Spider Totem to the Zhu Surname” by Edward Thiravej Ploysongsang, KCR (aka: Zhu Shengsheng)
  • “On the Track of the Limerick County Ireland Woulfe Family” by Diane A. DiGregorio, AM, FAS
  • “The Brehon Laws of Tanistry and the MacCarthy Mor Incident” by Evan McCarthy
  • “A Continuation of Paget's Ancestry of the Prince of Wales” Part XXIV, by Arthur Germond, FAS
  • “Book Reviews by Joseph Uphoff, OAE
    • Thomas F. Madden. The Concise History of the Crusades.
    • Thomas Penn. Winter King: Henry VII and the Dawn of Tudor England.
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