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The Augustan #36

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Published (for the first time) as The Augustan X:3 in March 1967, 41pp.

  • Editorial: Societas Augustana—Quo Vadis?
  • The Dimensions of Genealogy by Dr. J. Robert Carroll
  • Military Heraldry: U.S. Army’s Special Forces "Green Berets" by Lee D. MacMahon, 1stLt., Inf.
  • Book Reviews:
    • Little Manual of Heraldry by C.A. von Volborth
    • Kalender Over Ointroducered adels Forening: 1967 by Johan von Sydow and Leif Pahlsson, review by FEB
    • Heraldica Militar by Sr. Ing. Civ. Don Teodoro Amerlinck y Zirion, review by FEB
    • Wappenrolle Dochtermann by Alfred Dochtermann, review by FEB
    • The Armorial Bearings of Schools by Ref. David Christie-Murray
    • Where to Write for Birth and Death Records: United States and Outlying Areas by the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
  • The Vacant Throne of Spain by Luis León de la Barra FAS
  • Knights and Orders of Knighthood: An American Opinion by Forest B. Barber
  • Descent from the Emperor Charlemagne: Of John Douglas Gillespie by John Douglas Gillespie, ed. by Catherine Foote Moyer
  • Meeting of the Mexico City Members of The Augustan Society
  • Meeting of The Augustan Society in South Pasadena, California
  • Meeting of The Augustan Society in New York City
  • Meeting of The Augustan Society in Michigan
  • Meeting of The Augustan Society in Chicago
  • Progress Report on the Augustan Roll of Arms
  • Queries, letters, etc.
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