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The Augustan #38

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Published as The Augustan X:5 in June-July 1967, 74pp.

  • Editorial: Crossing Off the King by Rodney Hartwell and Lawrence Barnes
  • The Society: Ten Years Old by Rodney E. Hartwell FAS
  • The American College of Arms by Forest E. Barber
  • Australian Heraldry by Col. A.G. Puttock
  • The King and the Generals: Angst in Athens by Capt. Rodney C. Walker
  • Heraldic Crossword by Edward J.B. Irving
  • Kings of the Dal Réti in Argyll: 502–858 Part V, addenda et corrigenda by Rev F. Winston Leyland SSC
  • Reviews:
    • The Fighting Prince of Donegal (film) produced by Walt Disney Studios, review by Capt. R. Mingo Sweeny
    • European Civic Coats of Arms by Jiri Louda
    • Malta: The Story of Malta and Her Stamps by James A. Mackay
    • Garcia by Ferdinand de Trazegnies, review by FEB
    • Die Sankt Wenzels-Krone und die Böhmischen Insignien by Karl Fürst Schwarzenberg, review by LBB
    • les Pretendants aux Thrones d'Europe by Joseph Valynseele, review by FEB
    • The Joseph Smith Family of Gloucester and Salem counties, New Jersey; The James Dye Family of Gloucester County, New Jersey by Elmer Garfield Van Name, review by FEB
    • A Simple Guide to Irish Heraldry, review by FEB
    • Printed Resources for Genealogical Searching in Wisconsin: A Selective Bibliography by Margaret Gleason, review by FEB
    • David Glassburn—Virginia Pioneer: His Ten Children and Related Families by Oma Glasburn Robinson, review by FEB
  • Stronghold of the Knights
  • Augustan Society Register of Orders of Chivalry Part II
  • Dynasties of Al-Islam: 1. The banu-Aghlab by Capt. Rodney C. Walker USAF
  • The Berkeley Dispute by John H. Nicholls Esq.
  • The Conquest of England, Nine Centuries Ago by Luis Leon de la Barra FAS
  • Genealogical Corrections by Ross Keelye Cook Esq.
  • Blazons for the Arms of the Kings of Jerusalem by Rev. Dom W.W. Bayne
  • Problems in German Genealogy by Benjamin R. Williams Esq.
  • A Short Select Bibliography on Old Russia, Czarism and the Romanov Dynasty by James D. Madden Esq.
  • Second Postage Issue of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta
  • To Thine Own Self be True by Carl-Alexander von Volborth FAS
  • The Augustan Society International Committee for Monarchist Action, a report by K. Thomas Cheevers Esq.
  • The Mystery of the Shooting at Mayerling by Prince R.M.N.G. Bassaraba von Brancovan
  • Augustus: The Subtle Genius who Launched the Parade of Emperors by Ronald W. Leggett Esq.
  • The Circus ... from the Forum
  • Surnames: Permutations and Combinations by John H. Nicholls Esq.
  • A Patriotic Tribute to the Cincinnati by Lawrence B. Barnes Esq.
  • The Roll of Arms of the Society
  • Official Section
  • Queries, letters, etc.
  • Insert: Errata
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