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The Augustan #39

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Published as The Augustan X:6 in August-September 1967, 76pp.

  • Editorial: Old Wine in a New Bottle by Rodney E. Hartwell FAS
  • The Ptolemids of Egypt and Other Places by Capt. Rodney C. Walker FAS
  • Heraldic Crossword answers
  • The Galloglass by Capt. R. Mingo Sweeney
  • The International League of Knights and Dames of Japan
  • Blood Royal: Arabian and European by Forest Ernest Barber
  • The Cid by Rev. Dom W.W. Bayne
  • Book Reviews:
    • Living Descendants of the Blood Royal (in America) by Count d'Angerville, review by Rodney E. Hartwell FAS
    • Irish Names and Surnames by Rev. Patrick Woulfe
  • His Majesty Simeon II, King of the Bulgarians: Honorary Member of The Augustan Society
  • Her Majesty Margarita, Queen of Bulgaria: Honorary Member of The Augustan Society
  • Bulgaria: Its Royal House and Orders of Chivalry
  • The Evolution of the English Barony by John H. Nicholls
  • An Armorial Banner for President Kennedy by Walter Angst
  • In the Presence of Kings by Luis León de la Barra FAS, KM
  • International Committee for Monarchist Action: A Report by Paul W. Nichols Esq.
  • Descent from the Emperor Charlemagne, ed. by Rodney E. Hartwell FAS
  • The Hereditary Knights of America: The Society of the Cincinnati 1783–1967
  • Signers of Magna Charta by William Wilfrid Bayne
  • The ASICMA Plot Exposed! by R. Thomas Cheevers Esq.
  • The Colonial Families of the Americas by Rodney E. Hartwell FAS
  • Official Section
  • Letters, queries, etc.
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