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The Augustan #44

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Published as The Augustan XI:3 in May-June 1968, 64pp.

  • The Templars in Portugal by Dr. Giorgio A. Masini
  • Military Heraldry: Arms of the 17th Bombardment Wing, United States Air Force by Lt. Donald M. Bishop USAF, illus. by Rev. Dom William W. Bayne
  • It Might Have Been: A Monarchist-Revisionist Pseudo History by D.F. Barry
  • Japanese Medals by Maj. Alan W Hazelton
  • Wearing of Order of St. John of Jerusalem
  • Kings of Cyprus: 1197–1489 by William Wilfrid Bayne FAS
  • Instituto Sanmartiniano de México by Luis León de la Barra FAS
  • Queen’s Body Wanted by Portugal
  • Augustan Society Register of Orders of Chivalry: Genealogy of the Grand Master of the Order of St. Lazarus by Forest E. Barber
  • Arms of Public Bodies and Institutions by Leslie G. Pine
  • An ASIGMA Report: The Return of Spain’s Last Reigning Queen, trans. by Miss Carolyn La Fleur, ed. by R. Thomas Cheevers
  • Book Reviews by Mrs. Joseph J. Rania FAS:
    • Researching the Family History for Beginners by Richard E. Holben
    • Franc Family, Descendants of Rector Peter Franck of Kvillenge Parish, Linkoping diocese, Ostergotland, Sweden, Son of Peter Franck of Alsace by Rev. Samuel E. Franc
  • The Colonial Families of the Americas III ed. by Rodney Hartwell FAS
  • Official Section
  • Editorial, letters, etc.
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