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The Augustan #47

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Published as The Augustan (XI:6) Issue #47, November-December 1968, 83pp.

  • Editorial: “The Roll of Arms”
  • “The Earldom of Thomond” by R. Thomas Cheevers, FAS
  • “The French Peerage” by John H. Nicholls, FAS
  • “The Richard III Society” by James D. Madden
  • “Genealogy of the Noble House of Ibelin” trans. by Crolian William Edelen, FAS
  • “The Asmonean and Herodian Kings of Judea” by Rev. Dom W. Wilfrid Bayne, FAS
  • “New Orleans 1718–1968” by Richard M. Martin
  • Augustan Society Register of Orders of Chivalry:
    • “The Supreme Military Order of Calatrava”
    • “The Royal Military Order of the Principality of Gerona” trans. by Miss Patricia A. Crosland, ed. by R. Thomas Cheevers, FAS
  • “The Institute for the Study of Society Medals” by Walter G. Green
  • “Les Ordres de Chevalerie, Decorations et la Philatelie” by Albert Bougerolle
  • “Commentary on the Chronological Chart of the Age of John Hus” by the Rev. Canon Enrico S. Molnar, ThD
  • Book Reviews, by Mrs. Joseph J. Rania, FAS:
    • C.J. Parry, comp. Index of Baronetage Creations, review by John H. Nicholls
    • Olgerd de Sherbowitz-Wetzor and Prince Cyrille Toumanoff. L'Ordre de Malte et L'Empire de Russie, review by Dr. J. Robert Carroll
    • The Twentieth Century Biographical Dictionary of Notable Americans
    • Col. Wm. H. Powell, US Army, comp. List of Officers of the Army of the United States from 1779 to 1900
    • Henry Gough and James Parker. A Glossary of Terms Used in Heraldry, New ed.
    • Col. Ralph F. Miles USAR Ret. Family History With Name Origin and Lineage Lines: Harris
    • Col. Ralph F. Miles USAR Ret. Family History With Name Origin and Lineage Lines: Roberts
    • Col. Ralph F. Miles USAR Ret. Family History With Name Origin and Lineage Lines: Lewis
    • Col. Ralph F. Miles USAR Ret. Supplement to Lewis Name History
    • Oris H.F. Randolf. The Descendants of Mary Good: A Genealogy Including the Family Lines of Brees, Cox, Good, Huitt, Howard, McAvoy, Parsons, Patterson, Russell, from Ireland to America, 1849-1967
    • Vallie Jo Whitfield. Whitfield, McKeel, Fox, Schiefer Families
    • Wilmer Mackey Sanner. The Sanner Faily in the U.S.A. (Volumes I, II, III, IV, and V bound together)
    • Georgia Pioneers
    • Ruth Smith Williams and Margarette Glenn Griffin, comp. Abstracts of Will Book I: Nash County, North Carolina 1778-1868
    • Bernard Faÿ, Patrick O'Brian, trans. Louis XVI: Or the End of a World
  • “The Augustan Bookman” by the Rev. James Parker
  • Official Section:
    • Meetings in Chicago, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Washington D.C.
    • Announcement of Engagement of Miss Patricia Anne Crosland to Rodney E. Hartwell
  • Letters, comments, queries, etc.
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