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The Augustan #51

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Published as The Augustan XII:4 in July–August 1969, 64pp. (197–260), including:

  • “The Making of a King 1969” by Capt. Rodney C. Walker, FAS
  • “Military Heraldry” by 2ndLt. Donald M. Bishop
  • “An ASICMA Report: The Russian Supreme Monarchist Council” by R. Thomas Cheevers, FAS
  • “An ASICMA Report: Grand Duke or Prince?” by R. Thomas Cheevers, FAS
  • “The Bezant and the Plate” by Edward J.B. Irving of Balgownie, Kirkintilloch
  • “A Suggested Moslem Descent for Eleanor of Provence and Eleanor of Castile” by Prof. Charles J. Jacobs, FAS
  • “Pedigree Principles” by Jesse Loynes
  • “The Ephemeral Principality of Friedland” by Canon Enrico S. Molnar, ThD
  • “Saint Charles the Martyr” by The Rev. James Parker, SKCM
  • “Useless Fossils” from Izvestia, trans. by Mrs. Richard Hartung
  • “The Diamond Crown of Catherine the Great” by Luise Sheridan
  • “The Chancellor’s Chain of the Order of Canada” by R. Mingo Sweeney of Bolger's Park
  • Meeting of the Augustan Society in Mexico City
  • “Order of the Temple Honors King Peter II” by Philip M. Weber, FAS
  • “Book Reviews” by Mrs. Joseph J. Rania, FAS:
    • Roy L. Dodge. History of the Dodge-Berry (Barry) and Allied Families.
    • The Genealogist's Post (periodical)
    • The Pennsylvania Traveler (periodical)
    • Harry Alfred Long. Personal and Family Names.
    • Lucy Harrison Miller Baber and Evelyn Lee Moore. Behind the Old Brick Wall: A Cemetery Story.
  • Letters; Queries; etc.
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