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The Augustan #53

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Published as The Augustan XII:6 in November-December 1969, 64pp.

  • Attainder and Forfeiture in the English Peerage by John H. Nicholls FAS
  • Crowns, Crests and Coronets: An Augustan Quiz by R. Thomas Cheevers FAS
  • Ireland’s Royalist-Republican Flag by R. Thomas Cheevers FAS
  • Memorial to Saint László by István Széll de Duka et Szent-György
  • The Royal Hungarian Saint László Society
  • An Heraldic Proposal by Ronald Edwin Prosser
  • New Ecclesiastical Heraldry
  • Scots Empire: Beinge the storie of the Kingdom of Scotland's briefe Empire-the Lordship of Nova Scotia by R. Mingo Sweeney
  • Nobiliary Practice Today by Forest E. Barber
  • Book Reviews, ed. by Mrs. Joseph J. Rania FAS (MDR):
    • Saints or Horse Thieves? A Family History Study and Report: Volume I, A Scrapbook Reproduction by Damon A. Veach, review by MDR
    • Biographical Index to "The Centennial History of Arkansas" by Mrs. Leister E. Presley, review by MDR
    • Eskildsen/Eskildson Family of Denmark, Ireland, and the United States of America by Louis Daniel Melnick, review by MDR
    • House of Forrester, review by MDR
    • One Hundred Years Later: The Autobiography of Five Sanners, review by MDR
    • Earp Genealogy by Wilmer Mackey Sanner, review by MDR
    • Kingston Parish Register, Gloucester and Mathews Counties, 1749-1827 Emma R. Matheney and Helen K.Yates, review by MDR
    • 1850 Census of Highland County, Virginia, review by MDR
    • Marriages of Lunenburg County, Virginia, 1746-1853 by Emma R. Matheney and Helen K. Yates, review by MDR
    • 1850 Census of Nottoway County, Virginia, review by MDR
    • Ligon Pioneers in Kentucky by Marvin J. Pearce Sr., review by MDR
    • The Quest for Arthur's Britain by Geoffrey Ash et al, review by L.G. Pine
    • Charles XII of Sweden by R.M. Hatton, review by W.B.M. Denham
    • Caroline the Unhappy Queen by Lord Russell of Liverpool, review by WBMD
  • The Augustan Bookman
  • Official Section supplement
  • Letters, queries, etc.
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