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The Augustan #54

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Published as The Augustan (XIII:1) Issue #54, January-February 1970, 64pp.

  • Book Reviews by Mrs. Joseph J. Rania FAS
  • The Augustan Bookman by The Rev. James Parker
  • A Message from the President-Editor
  • The Pelinicus: A New Heraldic Sea Monster by Walter Angst
  • The Knights of St. Dennis: Register of Orders of Chivalry
  • Kings with Empires—Empires without Emperors by Prof. Georges de Boné
  • Heraldic Artist Extraordinary by Charles MacKinnon of Dunakin
  • The House of Lords by Peter McCauley
  • How to Get Rid of a Peerage by John H. Nicholls FAS
  • The Mongols by The Rev Dom William W. Bayne OSB, FAS
  • Habsburg & Bourbon, an essay on royal dynasties by Leslie G. Pine
  • Official Section
  • Honors Gazette
  • Letters, queries, etc.
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