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The Augustan #60

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Published as The Augustan Vol. XIV, No. 1, Issue #60, January–February 1971, 43pp., including:

  • Cover: “An Heraldic ‘Essay’ on the Teutonic Order” by The Rev. Dom W. Wilfrid Bayne, OSB, FAS
  • Editorial: “…Business which does not concern us…” by Rodney Hartwell
  • “The Fitz Randolph Lineage: ca. 1008–1669” by The Rev. Emmett Moore Waits, ChLJ, STM
  • “The Roundels” by Edward J.B. Irving, OLJ, CMLJ
  • “Some Aspects of Knighthood” by Paul J. Vassallo, with Additional Notes by Charles MacKinnan
  • The Augustan Society to Sponsor Computerized Genealogical Record System: PEDIGREE
  • “The Order of the White Eagle” by Dr. Kurt-Gerhard Klietmann
  • “The Phantom Empire” by R. Mingo Sweeney of Bolgers Park
  • “Breviarium Heraldicum” by Walter Angst
  • “The Augustan Bookman” by The Rev. James Parker
  • Book Reviews by Mrs. Joseph J. Rania, FAS:
    • English Surnames: An Essay on Family Nomenclature, Historical, Etymological, and Humorous, with several illustrative appendices by Mark Antony Lower, MA, FSA
    • British Family Names: Their Origin and Meaning with list of Scandinavian, Frisian, Anglo-Saxon, and Norman Names by Rev. Henry Barber, MD, FSA
    • The Story of Surnames by William Dodgson Bowman
    • A History of Surnames in the British Isles: A Concise Account of their Origin, Evolution, Etymology, and Legal Status by C. L'Estrange Ewen
    • Family Names and their Story by Sabine Baring-Gould, MA
    • Baptismal Names by Rev. Joseph L. Weidenham, STL
    • Bold Legacy by Cleburne Huston
    • Old Times: Relics, Talismans, Forgotten Customs, & Beliefs of the Past by Walter Clifford Meller, MA, SCL
    • Pierre Cresson: The Huguenot of Staten Island, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey Progeny, including (De la Plaine and Demarest lines) by Elmer Garfield Van Name
    • Abraham, Father of Us All: A Pratt Family History, Three Hundred Fifty Years of the History and Ancestry of the Pratts of Marion NY by Kenneth Charles Pratt
    • A Glossary of Dialectical Place-Nomenclature: to which is appended a list of Family Surnames pronounced differently from what the Spelling Suggests by Robert Charles Hope
    • Records and Record Searching: A guide to the Genealogist and Topographer, 2nd by Walter Rye
    • Pennsylvania Place Names by A. Howry Espenshade
  • “The Wild Boars of Zellberg” continued, by R. Mingo Sweeney
  • Queries, Letters, Honors Gazette, Official Section, etc.
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