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The Augustan #79

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Published as The Augustan (XVIII:3) Issue #79, July 1976, 36pp., including:

  • “Is The United States Decadent?” by Russell Kirk
  • “108 Quarters: A Sequel for the Pedant” by John H. Nicholls, FAS
  • “No Longer Royal” by Forest E. Barber, OAE
  • “Descent of Alfonso X of Castile from the Earliest Kings of Pamploma (Navarre)” by Robert L. Stimmel
  • “An Austro-Mexican Coat of Arms” by Adolf F.J. Karlovsky, FAS
  • “Wearing Insignia: Chivalric-Patriotic-Lineal” by Capt. Donald R. Puller, OAE
  • “A Genealogical Speculation” by Rodney Hartwell, OAE
  • “The Augustan Society, Inc.: 1957–1976” by Rodney Hartwell, OAE
  • Official Section
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