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The Augustan #81

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Published as The Augustan (XIX:1) Issue #81, 1977, 36pp., including:

  • “A Noble Visitor” [HMSH Ernst August Fürst zur Lippe] by Forest E. Barber
  • “Ancestors of the King and Queen of Spain” Part I, by Robert L. Stimmel
  • Visit of the Princess von Auersperg
  • “Royal Association of Knights Bachelors” by Sir George Lenox Wilson III, KtB, GOWE
  • “Activities of the PEDIGREE Program” by Charles F. Wilkes, FAS
  • Book Reviews by Forest E. Barber:
    • Welsh Genealogies: AD 300–1400 by Peter C. Bartrum, review by Irene Haines Leet
    • The Phoenician Origin of Britons, Scots, and Anglo-Saxons by L.A. Waddell
    • Freedom Wears a Crown by John Farthing
    • Ancient Britain in the Light of Modern Archaeological Discoveries by Alexander del Mar
    • Eaters of the Dead by Michael Chrichton
    • The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler
    • Gilles de Reis by Jean Benedetti
    • Knights and the Age of Chivalry by Raymond Rudorff
    • The Flemish Nobility Before 1300 by Ernest Warlop
    • Some Aspects of British and Continental Heraldry Lt.Col. R. Gayre of Gayre and Nigg, review by Albert J.G. Wilson, QC
  • “Washington's Arms: England, America, the Continent” by Adolf F.J. Karlovsky, VK, KCLJ, FAS
  • “The ‘Roo that Roared” by John H. Nicholls, FAS
  • Noble Company of the Rose
  • Official Section
  • Letters, etc.
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