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The Augustan #84

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Published as The Augustan (XIX:4) Issue #84, 1979, 56pp (131–176), including:

  • “The British Titled System I: The Peerage” by Leslie G. Pine, FAS
  • “The Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem” by Sir Lee MacMahon
  • “A Brief Survey of the German Tribal Duchies (Stammesherzogotümer) in the Early Tenth Century” by John H. Nicholls, FAS
  • “Three Christian Kingdoms in Nubia” by Enrico Selley Molnar
  • “A Descent from Brian Boru” compiled by Edmund Miller
  • “Charlemagne” by F. Oliver Conley, FAS
  • “Reviews and Notice of Publications”
    • Boynton Merrill, Jr. Jefferson's Nephews: A Frontier Tragedy. review by Ronald A Sudol
    • Ernle Bradford. The Shield & the Sword. review by Lt. Col. Oscar H. Stroh, FAS, OAA, SAR
    • Desmond Seward. The Monks of War. review by Lt. Col. Oscar H. Stroh, FAS, OAA, SAR
    • Yaffa Draznin. The Family Historian's Handbook. review by Edmund Miller
    • John Buchan (Lord Tweedsmuir). Augustus. review by Elmer Davis & Rodney Hartwell
    • Barry Cunliffe. Rome and her Empire.
    • I, Claudius (a PBS television series)
  • Official Section
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