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The Augustan #86

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Published as The Augustan (XX:2) Issue #86, 1979, 43pp., including:

  • “The British Titled System: II, The Baronetage” by Leslie G. Pine, FAS
  • “The Mystery of the Cheevers Baronetcy” by R.T. Cheevers, FSA(Scot), FAS, OAA
  • “The Hohenstaufen Banner and Shield of 1220” by Hans D. Birk, FAS, KCR
  • “The Heraldic Executive in Spain” by Marc A. Rangel
  • “A descent from Niall Noigiallach” by R. Robert Mutrie, MAS, UE
  • Book Reviews by Forest E. Barber, Fam.OT, KCN, KCR, and others:
    • Blazonario de la Consanguinidad Iberica by Ampelio Alonso-Cadenas-Lopez, Vicente de Cadeñas y Vincent and Liliana Ruiz Carrasco, eds.
    • The Wimsey Family: A Fragmentary History Compiled from Correspondence with Dorothy L. Sayers by C.W. Scott-Giles, review by Edmund Miller
    • Oesterreiches Ordungshandbuch by Roman Freiherr von Prochazka
    • The Journal of the Imperial German Military Collectors Association, review by Rodney Hartwell, FAS/hc
  • Letters, etc.
  • Official Section
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