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The Augustan #94

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The Augustan #94 cover

Published as The Augustan (XXII:2), Issue #94, 1984, pp. 56, including:

  • “The Dating of the Shroud of Turin: Two Rare, Previously Unrecognized, Lituus Dilepta Issued AD 24-25 by Valerius Gratus and AD 29-30 by Pontius Pilatus” by Arden H. Brame Jr. II, OAE, FSO
  • “The Jerusalem Trip: A Short History” by Gustav E. Pergl, FAS, FSO
  • “Durations of Empires (continued)” by Robert W. Formhals, JD, DCL, FAS
  • “A Continuation of Paget's ‘Ancestry of the Prince of Wales’ Part III” by Arthur Germond, FSO
  • A Note Concerning the “Ancestry of the King and Queen of Spain” by Robert Stimmel, FAS, FSO
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