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The Augustan #99

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Published as The Augustan (XXIII:3) issue #99, within The Augustan Society Omnibus Book 9, 1988, 39pp (7–45), including:

  • Monuments of the Augustan Age I: The Pantheon; by Robert L. Cleve, FSO
  • No Descent from the Candiano Doges; by Charles F.H. Evans, FSO
  • The Second House of Burgundy; by John H. Nicholls, FAS
  • Anne of Cleves; by Candida Cleve Bannister, MAS
  • The "Upside Down" U.S. Airmail Stamp; by Clifford Cole
  • Duration of Empires, continued; by Robert W. Formhals, JD, DCL, FAS
  • The Mercenary Soldier; by Captain R. Mingo Sweeney
  • Lords Spiritual; by The Reverend Christopher Seal, MAS
  • Official Section
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