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The Augustan #113

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Published as The Augustan, Vol. XXVII, No. 1, Issue #113 in 2001, 36pp., including:

  • Princess Diana: A Brother's Gaffe by John Nicholls FAS
  • Title of Hidalago For New Mexico's Conquistadores by Rudecinda Lo Buglio FAS
  • Book Review by Lawrence R. Barnes FAS
  • Heraldic and Nobilary additaments of Scots Feudal Barons by Stephen Kerr y Baca JD, FAS
  • Resignation of "supporter-claim" to a pre-1587 Scots feudal barony by Settlor/Heir (Seller) in favorem of New Successor (Purchaser) upon Resettlement of the feudal barony by Stephen Kerr y Baca JD, FAS
  • Instantaneous erection of a CHIEFSHIP For a "Distinct Erected Branch" of a Scots Armigerous Family via resettlement by the Holder of that Branch's "undifferenced arms" upon a Scots feudal Barony as the new Duthus for that Branch under a Feudal Crown Charter of Novodamus passing the Great Seal of Scotland Stephen Kerr y Baca JD, FAS
  • In the Pages of The Augustan in 1971
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