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Colonial Genealogist #21

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Published as part of The Augustan Omnibus, Book Three, Volume VI, Number 3, Issue #21, 72pp.

  • “Lineage 49: Peabody, with Alden, Brewster, Griswold, Hill, Knowlton, Morgan, Phelps, Rollo, Starr, Warner” by Donald G. Cronan
  • Charles Rollo Peabody and Sophia Wolcott Powell of Holland Patent, New York, descendants of the first settlers of Plymouth Colony 1620 and the Connecticut Valley 1635 by Donald G. Cronan [N.B portions of this article contain various errors]
  • “Stovalls of Virginia, Notes and Comments” by Glenn Turnell, FAS
  • “Captain Antoine Paulint: Veteran” by Dorothy C. (l'Esperance)Hughes
  • “In Search of Jesse Clarke” by Charles Galloway Clarke
  • Degory Priest of The Mayflower, and William Edmunds of Lynn, Mass.ts” Part I, by Dorothy Mae Johns, FAS
  • Free Assistance Offered
  • Families of English Origin in Ireland” by C.W. Edelen, FAS
  • News & Notes
  • Pedigree Problems
  • “Who’s Who in Genealogy #12: Charlotte Virginia Clizbe Baker”
  • Research Problems
  • Books Wanted
  • Surname Interest Listings
  • Queries
  • Index to Queries Appearing in this Issue
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