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Colonial Genealogist #28

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Published as The Colonial Genealogist (VIII:2) Issue #28, April 1976, 68pp., 5½×8½", including:

  • "Stephen Hopkins, Mayflower Passenger" (continued), By Dorothy M. Johns, FAS, OAA
  • "A Trilogy of Lines":
    1. Jones of Maryland/Virginia
    2. Huckstep-Gillum of Virginia
    3. Millington, with Woodward of Virginia; Paddock of Massachusetts, and Blakemore of Virginia
    ... contributed by Charles Galloway Clarke
  • "The Maternal Ancestry of Robert Carter of Corotoman" (introduction to manuscript charts held in the Augustan Society Library)
  • Ancestral Lines:
    • Miller, Silkman, Reynolds, Firner, Roquette, Sever
    • Marcum, Belcher, Vance, Walker, Akin, Abbott
    • Perry, Weaver, Maddox
    • Robinson, Gibson, Jernigan, Journagan, Smith, Sherry
    • Park, Searles, Myrick, Hastings, Aylesworth, Spencer, Kellam, Stover
    • Stover (Staufer), Cockenhower, Voorhis, Hawkins, Carter, Bohley, Spencer
  • Pedigree Problems:
    • Wilcox, Barber, Benedict
    • Frost, Knapp, Witham, Barber
  • News and Notes; Reviews; Queries; Surname Interest Listings; etc.
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