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Colonial Genealogist #29

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Published as The Colonial Genealogist, Vol. VIII, No. 3, Issue #29 in August 1976, 32pp., 5½×8½", including:

  • The People of the Marsh (Moser/Musser/Mosser lines), The Mennonite Mussers, Hans Musper, Christian Musser, Jost Musser, Peter Musser, Jacob Musser, Henry Musser, “Cousin” Peter Musser (Part one), by Charles Recker
  • Stephen Hopkins, Mayflower Passenger (continued), by Dorothy N. Johns, FAS, OAA
  • Francis Makemie (c. 1658–1708), part 1, by Richard S. Uhrbrock, PhD
  • Robert Johnson of the Virginia Company, by Lorand V. Johnson, MD, OAA
  • 193 Years Old, Comments on the Bicentennial, with seven portraits, by Rodney Hartwell
  • Ancestral Lines:
    • Willcocks/Willcox/Wilcox, Badgley, Howell, Valentine, Crane, Fields, Wallace, Agnew, Stromer, Maddocks
    • Fry, Moyer/Myers, Mos(i)er, Wilcox, Brickner, Busch
    • Worley, Webb, Moore, Waits, Stone, Bressey/Brassey, Allen, Mullen, Williams, Pussey
    • Smith, Battaille, Martison, Moore, littehon, Webb, Waits
    • Endicott, Gibson, Smith, Gillham, Welsh, Hill, Mullen
    • Mullen/Moulin, Waits, Nicholson, Mallone, Holloway, Endicott, Garnett, David Williamz
  • News and Notes; Reviews; Queries; Surname Interest Listings; etc.
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