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Colonial Genealogist #31

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Published as The Colonial Genealogist, Vol. IX, No. 1, Issue #31, n.d., 50pp.

  • Genealogical Periodicals: A Neglected Treasure by Laird C. Towle, Ph.D.
  • The James Families of Lancaster Co., Virginia, and Their Relations as Stated in Their Wills 1692–1789 by Dollye McAlister Elliott, FAS/hc
  • Bernon Crawford Tripe Dodge Clark, submitted by Mrs. Philip H. Bradway
  • Francis Cooke of the Mayflower compiled by Nancy Moore and Stanley Moore, CG
  • Abraham Kieffer of Pennsylvania, Arrived 15 September 1748 by Elizabeth Clarke Kieffer, GRS
  • John Moore of Sudbury, Massachusetts (Living there 3 April 1640), Part I by Stanley E. Moore, CG
  • Ancestral Lines:
    • Hatch, Hurd, Littlefield, Storer, Crediford, Edge
    • Carder, Holden, Dungan, Paine, Westgate, King, Freeman, Innes, Harlow, Webster, Kelius
    • Drake, Merrelis, Bland (alias Smith), Austin, Towle, Hobbs, Perkins, Silver, Clark, Bickford, Burgess, Morrell, Dorrance
    • Manwaring, Raymond, Hough, Tallman, Danforth, Goodwich, Dorrance, Morrell
  • Queries, surname interests, colonial immigrant card files, news & notes, etc.
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