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Colonial Genealogist #43

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Published as The Colonial Genealogist (XII:1-2), Issues #43–44, 1984, 104pp.

  • “The Circumstantial Evidence Leading to A Possible Solution to the ‘Palmer-Paddock Puzzle’ and Other Puzzling Events in Early Plymouth Colony” by Carlton A. Palmer, FAS
  • “The Daughter of Francis Makemie” by Nora Miller Turman and Gladys Lee Hamilton
  • “McAlister Families of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky” by Dollye McAlister Elliott, FAS/hc
  • “Biographical Sketch of William Drennan of Pendleton District, South Carolina” by Bernard Schaaf, MD
  • “Andrew McCormick Descendants in Missouri, Kentucky, and Texas Colonies, including John Rufus Alexander, Last Survivor of the Mier Expedition 1842–3” by Robert Joseph Curfman, FAS/hc, FSO
  • “Further Notes regarding ‘The Yorkshire Background of the Boyntons of Rowley’” by Robert Joseph Curfman, FAS/hc, FSO
  • Ancestral Lines:
    • Brownell, by Mary Hungerford Reid
    • Thompson, by Mary Hungerford Reid
    • Garrison, by Rod Hartwell
  • Queries, Surname Interest Listings, etc.
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