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Colonial Genealogist #47

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Published as The Colonial Genealogist (XIII:1) issue #47 within The Augustan Society Omnibus Book Eight, 1986, 22pp (73–94), including:

  • New Information About the Ancestry of Austin Kilham/Killam of Dedham and Wendham, Massachusetts; by Sheila Spencer Stover, FAS
  • Mohammed's American Progeny Reconsidered; by Charles Recker, FSO
  • The Johnson Stones: William Attwood of Bristol, Merchant, and Sir John Duddlestone, Baronet; by Nathaniel Mason Pawlett
  • Americans in Australia
  • The Skaggs Family Cherokee Puzzle; by Karen P. Neuforth, MAS
  • Ancestry of Ann Burton Stovall to William Hatcher, Burgess; by James Thomas McConnell, FSO, SDLKJ, ODI, OC
  • Queries, surname interest listings, etc.
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