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The Augustan Omnibus #118

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Published as The Augustan Omnibus in January 2009, 36pp. Includes:

    • The Augustan, XXVIII:3, Issue #118
    • The Colonial Genealogist, XV:2, Issue #57
    • Journal of Ancient & Medieval Studies, XXII:1, Issue #22
    • Heraldry, IV:2, Issue #14
  • The Aegis of Augustus: Memories of Sir Rodney Hartwell, KtB(Y), PS by The Members
  • The Heraldry of the Knights of the Round Table by Ernest E. Aitchison, KLJ(J), SSA, OAE
  • Cerdic of Wessex: Who Was He? by David Hughes, MAS
  • Presidential Relations: Winners, Losers, and Cousins by Lee A. Dorland, MAS, OCC
  • Fellowships of the Augustan Society: A Guide to their System, Awards, and Insignia by Bruce A Metcalf, FAS, Consul
    • Roster of Fellows of the Augustan Society
  • Comments from the Editor-in-Chief and President, etc.
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