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The Augustan Omnibus #119

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Published as The Augustan Omnibus, Vol. XXVIII, No. 3, Issue #119, in November 2009, 36pp., including:

  • The Dukes of Beaufort by Lee A. Dorland, MAS, OCC
  • The Heraldic Prerogatives of the Cincinnati by Charles E.F. Drake, MD, FAS, OAA, KCR
  • He Who Would Be King: A Study of Charles Mayréna, Monarch of the Sedangs, Along with the Orders and Medals he Created by Joseph Uphoff, FAS
  • Church Sovereignty: Remarks about Spiritual Fons Honorum and those Churches with Temporal Fons Honorum by Sir Robert W.Y. Formhals, JD, DCL, FAS, KCR
  • Book Reviews:
    • Katherine Kurtz & Deborah Turner Harris, The Temple and the Stone, review by Seax Savage, OAE, KCR
    • John Burnham Schwartz, The Commoner, review by Joseph Uphoff, FAS
    • Ottfried Neubecker, A Guide to Heraldry, review by Bruce A Metcalf, FAS
  • The Hereditary Order of Armigerous Augustans and Members of the Order and their Designated Heraldic Heirs, by Bruce A Metcalf, FAS
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