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The Augustan Omnibus #122

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Published as The Augustan Omnibus, XXIX:2, Issue #122, January 2012, 28pp. Including:

  • 2011 Saw Passing of Archduke Otto, One-Time Heir To Austro-Hungarian Throne, by Lee A. Dorland, MAS, OCC
  • A Bibliography of the writings of Otto von Habsburg, by Diane A. Di Gregorio, AM, FAS, and Bruce A. Metcalf, OAE, SDLKJ
  • Hapsburg Orders, by Sir Charles Drake, KtB, MCinn, OAE, KCR, OC
  • In Honoribus Decernendis, by Thomas B. Lemann, FAS
  • The Dutch at Hoornkill by Evelyn J.T. Metzler, OAE, DCR, DEMA
  • Arms of Dr. Otto von Hapsburg, FAS, FSO, OAA, KCR, (His Imperial and Royal Highness The Archduke Otto, Chief of the Imperial and Royal House of Habsburg-Lorraine, Grand Master of the Order of the Golden Fleece; His Royal Highness Otto of Hungary, Chief of the Royal House of Hungary, Grand Master of the Order of St. Stephen), as registered with the Society
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