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The Augustan Omnibus #135
Published as The Augustan Omnibus issue #135 (XXXVI:1), June 2020, 48pp. Fifty Years Ago in The Augustan: “Kings with Empires — Empires without Emperors” by Prof. Georges de Boné “‘Stars and Stripes’ from ‘Mullets and Bars’” by Stephen J. Humphreys “The Concept of Knighthood in the Modern World” by Wilson Van Dusen, PhD, MRE “A Continuation of Paget's Ancestry of the Prince of Wales, Part XXVI” by Arthur Germond, FAS Book Reviews: Phillips, David F. The Flag Heritage Foundation Monograph and Translation Series Publication No. 2: Emblems of the Indian States. review by Joseph Uphoff. Clark, Samuel. Distributing Status: The Evolution of State Honours in Western Europe. review by LCDR Nick Hoffmann, FAS Editorial