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French Genealogist #1
Comments & Introduction ... French Genealogical Terms ... Introduction to Genealogical Research in France ... Some Printed Works for French Genealogical Research ... Some Notes on Research in Alsace-Lorraine ... General Sources of Information ... The Huguenots ... A Bibliography of Materials Published by The Augustan Society ... Administrative Divisions of France ... Centres Genealogiques de France ... Queries ... Ancestral Lines: Drouilard, de St. Pry, Phoenix
French Genealogist #2
Published as French Genealogist, Number 2, 78, 50pp, including: Report of the Committee and News and Notes Queries Ancestral Lines: Mabille Jobin-Boisverd Jufliet The French in Texas; by Trevia Wooster Beverly The Reno-Reneau-Reynaud Family of France; by Dollye M. Elliott Surnames of Possible French Origin in Early Appalachian Kentucky; by James Slier Our Gallic Ancestors: Mallet Dubrux Chenal (Chenal dit Bastian) Levet Two maps
French Genealogist #3
Published as French Genealogist issue #3, in The Augustan Society Omnibus Book 8, 1986, 22pp (139–160), including: Tanguay: A Guide to French Canadian Research by Carmen Westwater French Heritage: Case Study of a French Teenager’s Success in Discovering the Origins of His Family by Pierre Callery The Regions of Upper and Lower Normandy with map Congres Lemire by Nancy Pendelton Goodwin French Family and Urban History in the Censuses by Katherine A. Lynch Review of Répertoire de Généalogies Françaises Imprimées by Étienne Arnaud Queries; Surname Interest Listings; etc.