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Augustæum #2
Published as Augustæum, Vol. I, No. 2, Issue #2 in November 1993, 8pp., including: Origins of the Muslims in Bosnia by Charles Recker, FSO I Lost My Bluebloods by Arden H. Brame Jr. II, OAE The Universal Knight by Thomas Paul Westgaard, OAA Librarian's Comments by Rodney Hartwell, FAS/hc Caviare to the General: Heraldic Pretentions in History by John H Nicholls, FAS Royalty & Monarchy, News, Announcements, etc.
Augustæum #10
Published as Augustæum, Vol. III, No. 2, Issue #10 in March 1996, 16pp., including: Descents from Antiquity: An Update Members Helping Us to Reach Our Fund Raiser Goal News From the Publications Program Director Librarian's Comments Native American Collection Named for Librarian The Order of the Augustan Eagle Celebrates 20th Anniversary Hereditary Order of Armigerous Augustans Celebrates 20th Anniversary Society of Descendants of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem Celebrates 25th Anniversary Noble Company of the Rose Celebrates 20th Anniversary
Augustaeum #11
Published as Augustæum III:3, issue #11, November 1996, 8pp, including: Outstanding Financial Support 1995–1996 Fiscal Society Awards and Honors Members of the Society for 5 to 10 Years Remembering our Deceased Members Donations from Members of the Society