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Genealogical Library Journal #13
Published as Genalogical Library Journal (IV:1) issue #13, within The Augustan Society Omnibus Book 9, 1988, 21pp (69–89), including: From the Librarian's Desk The Book List Genealogy History Heraldry, Chivalry, Orders
Genealogical Library Journal #14
Published as Genealogical Library Journal (IV:2), Issue #14, 1989, 22pp., part of The Augustan Omnibus Book 10, including: “Meet the Staff of The Augustan Society Library” “Photos from Annual Holiday Meeting for Library Fund Raiser” “Newsletters Beware!” by William A. Yates “A Director of Greater Cincinnati, Ohio, Genealogical Centers: Including Some in Kentucky and Indiana” “Chester County, Pennsylvania, Archives and Records Services” “New Catalogue for 1,6000 Genealogical Loan Collection Maintained by the Connecticut Historical Society” “Regional Archives Renamed” “Accessions and Exhibits: National Archives—Mid Atlantic Region” “The National Archives Publishes a Comprehensive Catalog for Genealogists” “Clayton Library: Center for Genealogical Research” by Trevia Wooster Beverly “An Outline of the Collections of The Augustan Society Library” Editoral, Letters
Genealogical Library Journal #15
Published as Genealogical Library Journal (IV:3), Issue #15, 1990, 22pp., printed as part of The Augustan Omnibus Book 11, including: “From the Librarian's Desk” by Chris Velline, FAS, FSO Reviews by Rodney Hartwell Genealogy History Heraldry, Chivalry, Orders “The Italians in Philadelphia” by Dr. Rihard N. Juliani “A Visitor's View of the Augustan Society Library” by Grace Hogg
Genealogical Library Journal #16
Published as The Augustan Society Library (Issue #16), 8pp, as part of The Augustan Society Omnibus Book 12, 1990, including: “A Supplement to the 1985 ‘A Genealogist's Bibliography’ of England” by Arden H. Brame, Jr. II, OAE Editorial
Genealogical Library Journal #17
Published as “The Augustan Society Library” in The Augustan Society Omnibus Book 13, 1991, 9pp. “Lost Knowledge” by Lt. Col. Oscar H. Stroh, FAS Additions to the Augustan Society Library: Karen T. Ackerman, comp.; Laird C. Towle, PdH, ed. Genealogical Periodical Annual Indes: Key to the Genealogical Literature, Vol. 27, 1990. Cecil C. Alton. Family History: Descendants of John Hamilton Alton. Lindsay L. Brook, ed. Studies in Genealogy and Family History in Tribute to Charles Evans on the Occasion of His 80th Birthday. Michael V.S. Bruce, ed. The Bruce Journal: Dedicated to the Study of Family Relationships, Vol 1., No. 3, Summer 1990. Michel L. Call. King Edward I Wall Chart. Michel L. Call. Royal Ancestors of Some American Families. Jane Cox and Timothy Padfield. Tracing Your Ancestors in the Public Record Office. David Dobson. Scottish-American Heirs: 1683–1883. Ira A. Glazier and P. William Filby, FAS. Germans to America: Lists of Passengers Arriving at US Ports, Vol. 10: January 3 1856–April 27, 1857. Lois Horowitz. A Bibliography of Military Name Lists From Pre-1675 to 1900: A Guide to Genealogical Sources. Janina W. Hoskins. Polish Genealogy & Heraldry: An Introduction to Research. George F. Jones. German-American Names. G.W. Lasker and C.G.N. Mascie-Taylor. Atlas of British Surnames. Mary Keyson Meyer and William F. Filby, eds. Who's Who in Genealogy and Heraldry, 1990, 2nd ed. David Moody. Scottish Family History. David Moody. Scottish Local History: An Introductory Guide. Cecil Sinclair. Tracing Your Ancestors: A Guide to Ancestry Research in the Scottish Record Office. John Hale Stutesman. Some Watkins Families of Virginia and their King: Abbott, Anderson, Bas, Clay, Fox, Farrar, Hancock, Hundley, Montague, Moseley, Randolph, Walthall, Woolridge. Corinne J. Swaney. A Cook(e) Book: From the Mayflower to the Present. Gary E. Swinson, Ed. Sixty-Seven Years of Barber Family Reunions. Dana Bentley-Cranch. Royal Faces: From William the Conqueror to the Present Day. Malcome Billings. The Cross and the Crescent: A History of the Crusades. D.V. Clarke et al. Symbols of Power at the Time of Stonehenge. John Clark. Saxon and Norman London. Geddes MacGregor. Scotland Forever Home: An Introduction to the Homeland for American and Other Scots. Phoenix and Arabeth. The Magic of Ancient Egypt: A Cultural Reconstruction and Key to the Civilization. Anna Ritchie. Scotland BC: An Introduction to the Prehistoric Houses, Tomns, Ceremonial Monuments, and Fortifications in the Care of the Secretary of State for Scotland. Up-Dated Book List in Progress
The Augustan #56
Published as The Augustan (XIII:3) Issue #56, May-June 1970, 64pp. Cover: hatchment of the arms of Señor Don Luis León de la Barra, Requiescat in Pace, drawn by The Rev. Dom W. Wilfrid Bayne OSB The Dynasties of Al-Islam: 2, The Hashimids by Rodney C. Walker MA, FAS The Friends of the Crown of Yugoslavia, press release Lordship of Manors in England and Wales by Douglas Geary The Constantian Society, press release Arms & Banners of Chivalric Institutions by Rodney Hartwell FAS, illus. by The Rev. Dom W. Wilfrid Bayne OSB, FAS The Augustan Bookman by The Rev. James Parker Honors Gazette Official Section The Augustan Society Exhibit at the Chicago Public Library with five illustrations Letters, queries, book reviews, etc.
The Augustan #57
Published as Vol. XIII, No. 4, July-August 1970, 36pp. Special issue on Saint Louis of France Cover: llustration from L’Héraldique de Saint Louis et de ses Compagnons by Hervé Pinoteau Introduction: The Greatest Crusader by The Very Rev. George F. Tull The Treasures of Louis IX by Luise Sheridan The Crown of St. Louis by The Very Rev. George F. Tull The Order of the Holy Vial (Ordre de la Sainte-Ampotile) by Ronald E. Prosser St. Louis and Mexico by Doña Matilde Cabrera de Corsi St. Louis Cathedral by James S. Cookston The San Luigi Orders by The Very Rev. George F. Tull The Society for the Restoration of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem Fiction—Beginning a full length novel: The Wild Boars of Zellberg by R. Mingo Sweeney Breviarium Heraldicum by Walter Angst Honors Gazette Official Section Letters, comments, reviews, queries, etc.
The Augustan #58
Published as Vol. XIII, No. 5, September-October 1970, 52pp. Annual Roster Issue Introduction: Brief History of The Augustan Society By Laws of The Augustan Society, Inc. Standing Rules Order of Precedence—Augustan: Warrant of Precedence The President’s Honors List for 1970 The Augustan Vice-Presidencies Augustan Roster 1970–1971 Location Guide: Special Skills Offered Index of Interests Surname Index Services of the Society Finances 1969–1970 Officers of the Society 1970–1971 Etc.
The Augustan #59
Published as The Augustan (XIII:6) Issue #59, November–December 1970, 43pp., including: Cover: “The Adoration of the Magi” by Albrecht Drürer, 1511 Editorial by Rodney Hartwell, FAS “De Ayala of Castile” by Dom W. Wilfrid Bayne, FAS “Pentasexual Heraldry” by Walter Angst “A Letter to the Prince of Spain” by Charles MacKinnon of Dunakin “A Letter to Franco” by Charles MacKinnon of Dunakin ”Recognition of Orders of Knighthood and of Institutions of Chivalric Nature: Report of The Augustan Society Committee on Chivalry” by Chairman Dr. J. Robert Carroll, FAS “The Status of the Peerage of Ireland Since 1949” by R. Thomas Cheevers, FAS “A Report of the 2nd English Heraldic Congress, and the 10th International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences” by Mrs. Harry Joseph Morris, OLJ, FHG, FTSGS, FIBA, FAS, CG “An Augustan Maxi-Contest” by Rodney C. Walker FAS “Another Heraldic Artist Extraordinary” by Rodney Hartwell, FAS “The Wild Boars of Zellberg: continued” by R. Mingo Sweeney Book Reviews by Mrs. Joseph J. Rania, FAS: Mrs. Harlin B. Taylor, Ed. Macon County, Illinois, Marriage Records: Vol. I, 1829–1850; Vol. II, 1851–1860; Vol. III, 1861–1870. Alfred Sereno Hudson. The History of Sudbury Massachusetts: 1638–1889. “The Augustan Bookman” by The Rev. James Parker Queries, letters, etc.
The Augustan #60
Published as The Augustan Vol. XIV, No. 1, Issue #60, January–February 1971, 43pp., including: Cover: “An Heraldic ‘Essay’ on the Teutonic Order” by The Rev. Dom W. Wilfrid Bayne, OSB, FAS Editorial: “…Business which does not concern us…” by Rodney Hartwell “The Fitz Randolph Lineage: ca. 1008–1669” by The Rev. Emmett Moore Waits, ChLJ, STM “The Roundels” by Edward J.B. Irving, OLJ, CMLJ “Some Aspects of Knighthood” by Paul J. Vassallo, with Additional Notes by Charles MacKinnan The Augustan Society to Sponsor Computerized Genealogical Record System: PEDIGREE “The Order of the White Eagle” by Dr. Kurt-Gerhard Klietmann “The Phantom Empire” by R. Mingo Sweeney of Bolgers Park “Breviarium Heraldicum” by Walter Angst “The Augustan Bookman” by The Rev. James Parker Book Reviews by Mrs. Joseph J. Rania, FAS: English Surnames: An Essay on Family Nomenclature, Historical, Etymological, and Humorous, with several illustrative appendices by Mark Antony Lower, MA, FSA British Family Names: Their Origin and Meaning with list of Scandinavian, Frisian, Anglo-Saxon, and Norman Names by Rev. Henry Barber, MD, FSA The Story of Surnames by William Dodgson Bowman A History of Surnames in the British Isles: A Concise Account of their Origin, Evolution, Etymology, and Legal Status by C. L'Estrange Ewen Family Names and their Story by Sabine Baring-Gould, MA Baptismal Names by Rev. Joseph L. Weidenham, STL Bold Legacy by Cleburne Huston Old Times: Relics, Talismans, Forgotten Customs, & Beliefs of the Past by Walter Clifford Meller, MA, SCL Pierre Cresson: The Huguenot of Staten Island, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey Progeny, including (De la Plaine and Demarest lines) by Elmer Garfield Van Name Abraham, Father of Us All: A Pratt Family History, Three Hundred Fifty Years of the History and Ancestry of the Pratts of Marion NY by Kenneth Charles Pratt A Glossary of Dialectical Place-Nomenclature: to which is appended a list of Family Surnames pronounced differently from what the Spelling Suggests by Robert Charles Hope Records and Record Searching: A guide to the Genealogist and Topographer, 2nd by Walter Rye Pennsylvania Place Names by A. Howry Espenshade “The Wild Boars of Zellberg” continued, by R. Mingo Sweeney Queries, Letters, Honors Gazette, Official Section, etc.
The Augustan #61
Published as The Augustan Vol. XIV, No. 2, Issue #61, March–April 1971, 43pp., including: “Charitable Knighthood” by Dr. Jorge Raul da Silva Presto “U.S. Honours: A Constitutional Possibility” by Stephen Pendaries Kerr “Look Back, Not in Anger“ by Charles MacKinnon of Dunakin “Of de Coucy and de Kay” by Hans D. Birk “A Case Deserving of Remedy” with Comments by John H. Nicholls, FAS “The Waldensian Family Selley” by The Rev. Canon Enrico Selley Molnar, ThD “The Wild Boars of Zellberg” (continued) by R. Mingo Sweeney “Breviarium Heraldicum” by Walter Angst “Queries & Answers” by Ronald E. Prosser Book Reviews by Mrs. Joseph J. Rania, FAS An Index to Changes of Name: Under Authority of Act of Parliament or Royal Licence and including Irregular Changes from 1 George III to 64 Victoria, 1760 to 1901 by W.P.W. Phillimore and Edw. Alex. Fry Some Family Origins of Adair-Ingalls by Richard Porter Adair The Soldier Kings: The House of Hohenzollern by Walter Henry Nelson History Through Surnames by W.D. Hassell An Encyclopedic Dictionary of Heraldry by Julian Franklyn and John Tanner Princes of Wales by L.G. Pine Be it Known and Remembered: Bible Records Vol. 4 “The Augustan Bookman” by The Rev. James Parker Letters; Honors Gazette; Official Section; Editorial, Etc.
The Augustan #62
Published as Vol. XIV, No. 3, May-June 1971, 51pp. Cover: Mon or house marks of the Imperial Princely Houses… Japan's Imperial Princes, A Historical Study by Dr. H. Carroll Parish FAS The Mon: Japanese Equivalent of the European Coat-of-Arms by Dr. H. Carroll Parish FAS