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The Augustan #38
Published as The Augustan X:5 in June-July 1967, 74pp. Editorial: Crossing Off the King by Rodney Hartwell and Lawrence Barnes The Society: Ten Years Old by Rodney E. Hartwell FAS The American College of Arms by Forest E. Barber Australian Heraldry by Col. A.G. Puttock The King and the Generals: Angst in Athens by Capt. Rodney C. Walker Heraldic Crossword by Edward J.B. Irving Kings of the Dal Réti in Argyll: 502–858 Part V, addenda et corrigenda by Rev F. Winston Leyland SSC Reviews: The Fighting Prince of Donegal (film) produced by Walt Disney Studios, review by Capt. R. Mingo Sweeny European Civic Coats of Arms by Jiri Louda Malta: The Story of Malta and Her Stamps by James A. Mackay Garcia by Ferdinand de Trazegnies, review by FEB Die Sankt Wenzels-Krone und die Böhmischen Insignien by Karl Fürst Schwarzenberg, review by LBB les Pretendants aux Thrones d'Europe by Joseph Valynseele, review by FEB The Joseph Smith Family of Gloucester and Salem counties, New Jersey; The James Dye Family of Gloucester County, New Jersey by Elmer Garfield Van Name, review by FEB A Simple Guide to Irish Heraldry, review by FEB Printed Resources for Genealogical Searching in Wisconsin: A Selective Bibliography by Margaret Gleason, review by FEB David Glassburn—Virginia Pioneer: His Ten Children and Related Families by Oma Glasburn Robinson, review by FEB Stronghold of the Knights Augustan Society Register of Orders of Chivalry Part II Dynasties of Al-Islam: 1. The banu-Aghlab by Capt. Rodney C. Walker USAF The Berkeley Dispute by John H. Nicholls Esq. The Conquest of England, Nine Centuries Ago by Luis Leon de la Barra FAS Genealogical Corrections by Ross Keelye Cook Esq. Blazons for the Arms of the Kings of Jerusalem by Rev. Dom W.W. Bayne Problems in German Genealogy by Benjamin R. Williams Esq. A Short Select Bibliography on Old Russia, Czarism and the Romanov Dynasty by James D. Madden Esq. Second Postage Issue of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta To Thine Own Self be True by Carl-Alexander von Volborth FAS The Augustan Society International Committee for Monarchist Action, a report by K. Thomas Cheevers Esq. The Mystery of the Shooting at Mayerling by Prince R.M.N.G. Bassaraba von Brancovan Augustus: The Subtle Genius who Launched the Parade of Emperors by Ronald W. Leggett Esq. The Circus ... from the Forum Surnames: Permutations and Combinations by John H. Nicholls Esq. A Patriotic Tribute to the Cincinnati by Lawrence B. Barnes Esq. The Roll of Arms of the Society Official Section Queries, letters, etc. Insert: Errata
The Augustan #39
Published as The Augustan X:6 in August-September 1967, 76pp. Editorial: Old Wine in a New Bottle by Rodney E. Hartwell FAS The Ptolemids of Egypt and Other Places by Capt. Rodney C. Walker FAS Heraldic Crossword answers The Galloglass by Capt. R. Mingo Sweeney The International League of Knights and Dames of Japan Blood Royal: Arabian and European by Forest Ernest Barber The Cid by Rev. Dom W.W. Bayne Book Reviews: Living Descendants of the Blood Royal (in America) by Count d'Angerville, review by Rodney E. Hartwell FAS Irish Names and Surnames by Rev. Patrick Woulfe His Majesty Simeon II, King of the Bulgarians: Honorary Member of The Augustan Society Her Majesty Margarita, Queen of Bulgaria: Honorary Member of The Augustan Society Bulgaria: Its Royal House and Orders of Chivalry The Evolution of the English Barony by John H. Nicholls An Armorial Banner for President Kennedy by Walter Angst In the Presence of Kings by Luis León de la Barra FAS, KM International Committee for Monarchist Action: A Report by Paul W. Nichols Esq. Descent from the Emperor Charlemagne, ed. by Rodney E. Hartwell FAS The Hereditary Knights of America: The Society of the Cincinnati 1783–1967 Signers of Magna Charta by William Wilfrid Bayne The ASICMA Plot Exposed! by R. Thomas Cheevers Esq. The Colonial Families of the Americas by Rodney E. Hartwell FAS Official Section Letters, queries, etc.
The Augustan #40
Published as The Augustan X:7 in October-November 1967, 87pp. Memorandum from The Editors to the Augustan Society On Auto-Genealogy: Or Fictional Royalty for Fun and Mayhem by Rodney C. Walker FAS, Capt. USAF The Crusades and the Jihad: Two Religious Quests, reprinted from The Arab World, September 1966, by John Watson New Grand Master (of the Order of St. Lazarus) The Descent and Relationship of Some Magna Carta Barons by Victor Bernasconi-Harrington State of Maryland Recognizes the Use of Armorial Bearings by Harry Wright Newman FAS Royal Ball Causes International Incident by Forest E. Barber More on the Cincinnati Mottoes by Michael Duff Newton Descent from the Emperor Charlemagne: Hungarian Descendants of Charlemagne by Capt. Endre v. Tamáska de Baranch Revolutions and Restorations: Some Reflections on the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Russian Revolution by Lawrence B. Barnes The Ira Sherman Story by Dorothy Mae Johns Restoration of the Ancient Royal Line a Possibility: Ireland a Kingdom by R. Thomas Cheevers and Rev. F. Winston Leyland SSC The Baronial Blounts and Some of Their Descendants by William Wilfred Bayne OSB Book Reviews: Colonial ancestors of Edward jackson (1741-1807): Revolutionary War Soldier by Gladys Stutler Hoffman, review by Mrs. Joseph J. Rania FAS The Paullin Family of Southern New Jersey by Elmer Garfield Van Name LLB, LLD, review by Mrs. Joseph J. Rania FAS Anthony Nelson: Seventeenth Century Pennsylvania and New Jersey by Elmer Garvield Van Name LLB, LLD, review by Mrs. Joseph J. Rania FAS The Elwell Family: Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries, Southern New Jersey by Elmer Garfield Van Name, review by Mrs. Joseph J. Rania FAS Christopher Shaver, Broad Neck, Salem County, New Jersey and some of his Descendants: With Data on Seeds, Nelson, Hartman, Atkinson and Parks Families by Elmer Garfield Van Name, review by Mrs. Joseph J. Rania FAS John Davis, His Wife, Dorothea (Gotherson) Davis, Early Salem County, New Jersey Quakers and Some of Their Descendants (Including Samuel Morgan and John Brick Lines), Royal and Magna Carta Ancestors by Catherine Soleman Chandler and Elmer Garfield Van Name, review by Mrs. Joseph J. Rania FAS Phebe Shaver Lacy and her Descendants, based upon information supplied by Leon A. Lacy, Sr. and his relatives in 1967, Being a supplement to Christopher Shaver, Broad Neck, Salem County, New Jersey and Some of His Descendants by Elmer Garfield Van Name, review by Mrs. Joseph J. Rania FAS Heraldic Monograph Series of the American Society of Heraldry: Being a Presentation of the Heraldic Art of the Reverend Dom William Wilfrid Bayne OSB, review by Forest E. Barber American Badges and Insignia by Evans E. Kerrigan Official Section Chain of Office of The Augustan Society by Forest E. Barber Letters, queries, etc.
Genealogical Library Journal #14
Published as Genealogical Library Journal (IV:2), Issue #14, 1989, 22pp., part of The Augustan Omnibus Book 10, including: “Meet the Staff of The Augustan Society Library” “Photos from Annual Holiday Meeting for Library Fund Raiser” “Newsletters Beware!” by William A. Yates “A Director of Greater Cincinnati, Ohio, Genealogical Centers: Including Some in Kentucky and Indiana” “Chester County, Pennsylvania, Archives and Records Services” “New Catalogue for 1,6000 Genealogical Loan Collection Maintained by the Connecticut Historical Society” “Regional Archives Renamed” “Accessions and Exhibits: National Archives—Mid Atlantic Region” “The National Archives Publishes a Comprehensive Catalog for Genealogists” “Clayton Library: Center for Genealogical Research” by Trevia Wooster Beverly “An Outline of the Collections of The Augustan Society Library” Editoral, Letters
Germanic Genealogist #29
Published as Germanic Genealogist, Number 29, 1986, 41pp (253–293),  including: 1780s Emigrants from Sayn-Altenkirchen (Rhineland-Palatinate) by Henning Schroeder Hessian Emigrants to America Part XI 1842 by Dr. Kurt Gunther Some Early “Palatines” and Their German Origin List of recommended Germanic organizations, researchers, and translator Cincinnati German Bibliography Index Die Hoheit des Teutschen Reichs Adels 1729–1740 with a list of Surnames Included Queries Surname Interest Listings Ancestral Lines: Laubach Troedel Weber Heckert Hoch Mueller Reussen/Ruesse
The Augustan Omnibus #119
Published as The Augustan Omnibus, Vol. XXVIII, No. 3, Issue #119, in November 2009, 36pp., including: The Dukes of Beaufort by Lee A. Dorland, MAS, OCC The Heraldic Prerogatives of the Cincinnati by Charles E.F. Drake, MD, FAS, OAA, KCR He Who Would Be King: A Study of Charles Mayréna, Monarch of the Sedangs, Along with the Orders and Medals he Created by Joseph Uphoff, FAS Church Sovereignty: Remarks about Spiritual Fons Honorum and those Churches with Temporal Fons Honorum by Sir Robert W.Y. Formhals, JD, DCL, FAS, KCR Book Reviews: Katherine Kurtz & Deborah Turner Harris, The Temple and the Stone, review by Seax Savage, OAE, KCR John Burnham Schwartz, The Commoner, review by Joseph Uphoff, FAS Ottfried Neubecker, A Guide to Heraldry, review by Bruce A Metcalf, FAS The Hereditary Order of Armigerous Augustans and Members of the Order and their Designated Heraldic Heirs, by Bruce A Metcalf, FAS