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The Augustan Omnibus #122
Published as The Augustan Omnibus, XXIX:2, Issue #122, January 2012, 28pp. Including: 2011 Saw Passing of Archduke Otto, One-Time Heir To Austro-Hungarian Throne, by Lee A. Dorland, MAS, OCC A Bibliography of the writings of Otto von Habsburg, by Diane A. Di Gregorio, AM, FAS, and Bruce A. Metcalf, OAE, SDLKJ Hapsburg Orders, by Sir Charles Drake, KtB, MCinn, OAE, KCR, OC In Honoribus Decernendis, by Thomas B. Lemann, FAS The Dutch at Hoornkill by Evelyn J.T. Metzler, OAE, DCR, DEMA Arms of Dr. Otto von Hapsburg, FAS, FSO, OAA, KCR, (His Imperial and Royal Highness The Archduke Otto, Chief of the Imperial and Royal House of Habsburg-Lorraine, Grand Master of the Order of the Golden Fleece; His Royal Highness Otto of Hungary, Chief of the Royal House of Hungary, Grand Master of the Order of St. Stephen), as registered with the Society
The Augustan Omnibus #123
Published as The Augustan Omnibus, XXIX:3, Issue #123, November 2012, 36pp. Including: The British Royal House Today, by Lee A. Dorland The Arms and Ancestry of the Stockettsof Maryland, by James Duvall Trabue, JD The Royal Race of Deuman, by Robert Formhals, FAS, FSO, with notes and additions by Joseph Uphoff, MH, FAS Book Reviews, by Joseph Uphoff, MH, FAS: Nirmal Dass, ed. & trans., The Deeds of the Franks and Other jerusalem-Bound Pilgrims Joseph V. Montville, ed., History as Prelude: Muslims and Jews in the Medieval Mediterranean The First Peoples Committee, by Chris Velline, OAE
The Augustan Omnibus #126
Published as "The Augustan Omnibus" (XXX:2) Issue #126, July 2014, 44pp., including: Exploring Royal German Families and Their Castles, Abbeys, and Tombs by Ronald Brennan, OAE A Continuation of the Ancestry of the Prince of Wales, Part XXIII: Additions to Generation O by Arthur Germond, FAS An Expanded Genealogy of Nelson Mandela by Joseph Uphoff, OAE Book Review by Joseph Uphoff, OAE: Christopher Davis, How the Grail Became Holy Dr. Hans von Leden, Grand Hospitaller of the Order of St. Lazarus & Member of the Chivalry Committee: Biography by Felix Pfeifle and Personal Reflections by Jean-Paul Gauthier de la Martinière, FAS
The Augustan Omnibus #124
Published as "The Augustan Omnibus" (XXIX:4) Issue #124, June 2013, 40pp., including: The Law of Trial by Combat in Meieval England by Alan J. Koman The Five Elements in Chinese and Native American Thought by Joseph UPhoff, MH, FAS The Mystery of Ancient Yamatai: Its Implications on the Lineage of the Japanese Imperial Family by John M. Tibbetts Noble Ranks and Titles by Thomas B. Lemann, FAS Wearing of the Insignia of the Society: With Illustrations of Each by Dr. Charles E.F. Drake, KtB, OAE Book Reviews: Mary McAuliffe, Clash of Crowns: William the Conqueror, Richard Lionheart, and Eleanor of Aquitaine, A Story of Bloodshed, Betrayal, and Revenge reviewed by Joseph Uphoff, MH, FAS Alan J. Koman, A Who's Who of Your Ancestral Saints reviewed by Gary Boyd Roberts Arms of His Holiness, Pope Francis
The Augustan Omnibus #127
Published as The Augustan Omnibus (XXX:3) #127, October 2014, 36pp., including: “The Function of an Interest in Chivalry” by Wilson Van Dusen, OAE “A Glimpse into Southeast Asian History, Part I” by Joseph Uphoff, OAE “Abel Mattoon: Revolutionary War Soldier and Pioneer, Part I” by David L. Mordy Book Reviews by Joseph Uphoff, OAE Thomas Penn, Winter King: Henry VII and the Dawn of Tudor England Christina Guardiola-Griffiths, Legitimizing the Queen: Propaganda and Ideology in the Reign of Isabel I of Castille Editorial, Letters, etc.
Augustan Omnibus #128
Published as The Augustan Omnibus XXXI:1–2, Issues #128–129, 2015, 72pp. Editoials Letters “A Glimpse into Southeast Asian History” Part II, by Joseph Uphoff, OAE “Evolution from Spider Totem to the Zhu Surname” by Edward Thiravej Ploysongsang, KCR (aka: Zhu Shengsheng) “On the Track of the Limerick County Ireland Woulfe Family” by Diane A. DiGregorio, AM, FAS “The Brehon Laws of Tanistry and the MacCarthy Mor Incident” by Evan McCarthy “A Continuation of Paget's Ancestry of the Prince of Wales” Part XXIV, by Arthur Germond, FAS “Book Reviews by Joseph Uphoff, OAE Thomas F. Madden. The Concise History of the Crusades. Thomas Penn. Winter King: Henry VII and the Dawn of Tudor England.
Augustan Omnibus #130
Published as The Augustan Omnibus (XXXII:1) #130, Spring 2016, 36pp. Editorial, Letter Zeller Tangled Tales: The Search for Clothilde de Valois Sellaire/Zeller, by Mary Hunter Linneman Abel Mattoon, Revolutionary War Soldier and Pioneer: Part II, by David L. Mordy Threads of First Peoples’ History in Illinois, by Diane A. Di Gregorio, AM, FAS Book Review, by Joseph Uphoff, OAE: John M. Weeks and Jason de Medeiros. A Research Guide to the Ancent World: Print and Electronic Sources.
The Augustan Omnibus #132
Published as The Augustan Omnibus issue #132 (XXXIII:1), 2017, 36pp. “Augustus: The Subtle Genius who Launched the Parade of Emperors” by Ronald W. Leggett, Esq. “Ernst Philip Friedrich von dem Bussche-Ippenburg (1754–1816)” by Charles Recker “Broken of Body, Sound of Mind: Examining the Reign of the Emperor Claudius” by Patrick Lowinger “Warrior: Major General John Edward Bernard Seely, 1st Baron Mottistone, CB, CMG, DSO, TD, PC, JP, DL, and his Steed” by Chev. William Bryk, KHS, MR, FAS Editorial, letters, etc.
The Augustan Omnibus #133
Published as The Augustan Omnibus issue #133 (XIIIIV:1), 2018, 40pp. Fifty Years Ago in The Augustan: “New Orleans: 1718–1968” by Richard M. Martin “Wealth, Title, and Republicanism: The Role of the Modern Nobility” by Evan Patrick McCarthy, FAS “A Continuation of Paget's Ancestry of the Prince of Wales, Part XX” by Arthur Germond, FAS Book Reviews by Diane DiGregorio, FAS: Charles C. Mann. 1491. Charles C. Mann. 1493. Editorial, letters, etc.
The Augustan Omnibus #134
Published as The Augustan Omnibus issue #134 (XXV:1), 2019, 44pp. Fifty Years Ago in The Augustan: “The Ephemeral Principality of Friedland” by Canon Enrico S. Mlnar, ThD “Diocletian: Forging the Byzantine Empire” by Edward Patrick Lowinger, MA “The English Ancestry of George Twyman (1663–1703) of Birchington, Isle of Thanet, County Kent, England, and Middlesex County, Virginia” by Arden H. Brame, Jr. II, OAE “The Dassanowskys of Vienna” by Robert von Dassanowsky, PhD “A Continuation of Paget's Ancestry of the Prince of Wales, Part XXI” by Arthur Germond, FAS Editorial, letters, etc.
The Augustan Omnibus #135
Published as The Augustan Omnibus issue #135 (XXXVI:1), June 2020, 48pp. Fifty Years Ago in The Augustan: “Kings with Empires — Empires without Emperors” by Prof. Georges de Boné “‘Stars and Stripes’ from ‘Mullets and Bars’” by Stephen J. Humphreys “The Concept of Knighthood in the Modern World” by Wilson Van Dusen, PhD, MRE “A Continuation of Paget's Ancestry of the Prince of Wales, Part XXVI” by Arthur Germond, FAS Book Reviews: Phillips, David F. The Flag Heritage Foundation Monograph and Translation Series Publication No. 2: Emblems of the Indian States. review by Joseph Uphoff. Clark, Samuel. Distributing Status: The Evolution of State Honours in Western Europe. review by LCDR Nick Hoffmann, FAS Editorial
Colonial Genealogist #45
Published as The Colonial Genealogist Vol. XII, No. 3, 1985, 51pp. The English Birth and Ancestry of Cornelius Dabny (1631–1693/4) of Virginia by Arden H. Brame Jr. II Genealogical Gleanings of the Early Palmer Families of Mew England and Some Circumstantial Conclusions Regarding the Origin of William Palmer of Plymouth Colony by Carlton A. Palmer, Jr. A Ruble Update by Stanley E. Moore Colonial Revolutionary Era Marriage Bonds Amherst County, Virginia, 1763–1782 by Karen P. Neuforth Ancestral lines: Snow(e) Bremner/Bremmer Queries, surname interest listings, etc. Surnames: Alcock, Alexander, Allen, Andrew, Arledge, Ayrs, Bailey, Baley, Ballard, Ballenger, Ballou, Ballowe, Banister, Banks, Barnes, Barnett, Baset, Bassett-Palmer, Bassett, Bathhurst, Batts, Beane, Beckley, Becknall, Beckwith, Bell, Besett, Beville, Bickmore, Blain, Blair, Blakemore, Blanchard, Bolling, Bond, Bott, Boune, Bowler, Boyce, Boykin, Boyle, Bradford, Brame, Brasseur, Brazure, Bremmer, Bremner, Brewster, Briggs, Brigham, Brown, Bryan, Buleson, Burgess, Burgis, Burnet, Burnett, Burros, Burt, Burton, Bush, Bushrod, Cabrera, Caffrey, Caldwell, Callahan, Camp, Campbell, Carr, Carter, Cartwright, Cash, Chamberlain, Chambers, Chamniss, Childres, Childress, Childriss, Chiles, Christian, Clark, Clarke, Clausen, Clearwater, Coan, Coggeshall, Cole, Colie, Comstock, Cook, Coward, Cox, Coxton, Craig, Crane, Craven, Crawford, Crow, Croxton, Curtis, Cutler, d’Aubeney, d’Aubigne, d’Aulnay, Dabney, Dabny, Dale, Dalrymple, Dalton, Darneille, Daubeny, Daubney, Davis, Dawbney, Dawson, de Berry, deAlneto, Denison, Dennis, Deyo, Dick, Dillard, Dinguid, Dinwiddie, Dodge, Donalson, Drury, Duffie, Duffy, Duglas, Durham, Dyche, Dytche, Eades, Edminson, Edminston, Edmiston, Edmonds, Edmonson, Edmonton, Edwards, Ellis, Emerson, Evans, Everhart, Farr, Farrar, Farren, Fauntleroy, Fayton, Feake, Feg, Fishback, Fisher, Fitz-Osmond, Fitzhugh, Flagg, Fleck, Flood, Fortune, Foster, Franklin, Frizzell, Gaines, Gains, Galaspie, Galespey, Galespie, Garland, Garrot, Gatewood, Gilbert, Gillaspie, Glaze, Goodwin, Gradwell, Grant, Graves, Gray, Green, Greene, Grefe, Gregory, Griffin, Gwynn, Hall, Hamilton, Hamm, Hansbrough, Harding, Haregrove, Hargrove, Harold, Harper, Harr, Harris, Harrison, Hartgrove, Hartwell, Harvey, Harvie, Hastings, Hatley, Hawkins, Heard, Heath, Heister, Helm, Henderson, Henig, Hennage, Herd, Higgenbotham, Higginbotham, Hill, Hind, Hobart, Hoffman, Hohimer, Holder, Homewood, Horsley, Houk, Hudson, Huffman, Hufman, Hughs, Hunting, Hurd, Hyde, Hyer, Irvin, Irwin, Jacobs, Jameson, Jewell, Joblin, Jobling, Johns, Johnson, Jones, Jopling, Jordan, Jung, Kannon, Kendall, Kennedy, Kennon, Key, Kingsbury, Knowles, Laine, Lamaster, Lamb, Landrum, le Palmarius, le Palmer, le Palmere, Lee, Leitch, Letcher, Lewis, Lidford, Littell, Lockwood, Loving, Lutz, Lyle, Lyon, Mallory, Manly, Mansfield, Martain, Martin, Marty, Mason, Massey, Mathews, Mayes, Mays, McAlexander, McCabe, McCamant, McCarter, McClean, McCullock, McDaniels, McDowell, McElrath, McGowen, McNaught, McNeely, McNieley, Mechaux, Meeker, Mehone, Meisner, Mercer, Meriwether, Merrill, Michaux, Miles, Miller, Mills, Milstead, Mitchell, Montague, Montgomery, Moore, Morgan, Morral, Morris, Morrison, Morton, Muffitt, Murphey, Musthill, Myles, Nemo, Nevels, Nevil, Nevill, Niles, Nimmo, Nimo, Norton, Oglesbey, Oldage, Orr, Osborn, Owen, Paddock, Page, Palmer, Pardee, Park, Parr, Patterson, Pattison, Payne, Peabody, Peckham, Penn, Perkins, Phillips, Philpott, Pierce, Pin­ney, Pollard, Porter, Powell, Powill, Pratt, Pray, Prescott, Price, Purcell, Pursel, Pursley, Putnam, Quarles, Rae, Rawdon, Read, Reade, Redington, Reed, Reid, Rice, Richmond, Riley, Rise, Roberts, Robertson, Robinson, Rodes, Rogers, Ronayne, Ronayne, Rose, Rossiter, Ruble, Ryan, Sale, Savage, Sawyer, Scofield, Scofield, Scott, Secrist, Shaw, Shelton, Shepherd, Sherman, Sherwood, Ship, Simonds, Simons, Simson, Skinner, Sloan, Smith, Smoot, Snow, Snowe, Spring, St. John, Stadtmiller, Stamforth, Stanhope, Staples, Stephenson, Stevens, Stevins, Stewart, Stovall, Stratton, Stradley, Stringer, Stringer, Sutherland, Sweete, Taliaferro, Tankersley, Tarrant, Tayler, Tease, Terrant, Thomas, Thurmond, Tilman, Tripp, Trowbridge, Trumbull, Turner, Tyler, Upshaw, Vanhouten, Vaughan, Veale, Wade, Waggoner, Walker, Waller, Ware, Warren, Warwick, Waterbury, Watson, Watts, Webb, Webster, White, Whitehead, Wiatt, Wilcox, Williams, Wilson, Winans, Wing, Winkler, Witt, Wood, Woods, Wright, Yancey, Yates, Young, Young, Ziegler.