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Colonial Genealogist #23
Published as part of The Augustan Omnibus, Book Five, Volume VII, Number 1, Issue #23, including: Tullos of Virginia (Part II) by C.D. Cochran Governor Thomas Prence of Plymouth Colony, by Dorothy M. Johns FAS Methodology: So, You’re Going to “Make an Index”! (Part I) by Norma Olin Ireland Books Wanted Free Assistance Offered Pedigree Problems Research Problems Descendants of Minuit’s Brother—in—Law Live in Victoria County, Texas by Bar­bara Holley Sir Richard Kyrle, Colonial Governor of Carolina by Leonard M. Keane Jr. Surname Interest Listings Queries Query Index
Colonial Genealogist #24
Published as part of The Augustan Omnibus, Book Six, Volume VII, Number 2, Issue #24, 60pp. “Genealogical Material Published in Newspapers of the Revolutionary Era” by David G. Ball “Some Nicholas Descendants of Robert ‘King’ Carter in Northern Virginia” by Mabel Walker Nicholas “MacCoone: A Story of the Civil War” by Dr. Maynard H. Mires, Jr., FAS/hc “Thomas Monteith: Merchant of Glasgow” by William L. Deyo “Re: Reverend Joseph Hull” by Osborne O. Heard “More Cabanissiana” by Allen Cabaniss, FAS “James Dillard of Amherst County, Virginia: 1727–1794” by Harry Wright Newman, FAS/hc Research Problems Pedigree Problems Books Wanted Surname Interest Listings Queries Index to Queries [in this issue] Card Files
Colonial Genealogist #25
Published as The Colonial Genealogist Vol. VII, No. 2 [sic, should be #3], Issue #25, 32pp (921–952), including: So, You're Going to "Make an Index"!, Part 2; by Norma Olin Ireland The Ancestry of Edward Carleton and his wife Ellen Newton, settlers in Rowley, Massachusetts, 1635; by Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr., FASG News & Notes Redden-Melvin-Pilchard Family of Worcester Co., MD; by Richard S. Uhrbrock, PhD Book Reviews; by Mildred Irwin Dick Rania, FAS Edith Griswold French. Revolutionary War Veterans Buried in Columbia County, New York, Vol. I Virgina S. Hooper. Our Knight Line Emma Plunkett Ivy. As I find It Ellery Bicknell Crane. The Ancestry of Edward Rawson, Secretary of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay Frederick Ewart Vandeveer. The Vandeveer Family of Green County, Illinois Queries Index to Queries
Colonial Genealogist #26
Published as The Colonial Genealogist (VII:4) Issue #26, 1975, 32pp (1001–1032), including: So, You're Going to "Make an Index"!, Part 2; by Norma Olin Ireland Hackley-Norton-Bishop-Carter-Benham Bible Record (Columbia Co, New York); by Linda Farroh Eder Redden-Melvin-Pilchard Family of Worcester Co., MD; by Richard S. Uhgrbrock, PhD Index to Lineages Landon: A Hugueonot Tale; by Maynard H. Mires, MD News & Notes Book Reviews; by Mildred Irwin Dick Rania, FAS Raymond. H. Lounsbury, PhD. Pennoyer Brothers. Robert Louis Leo Roussel. The Roussel Register: 647 years from 1327 to 1973 Jane S. Ford et al. Lansingburgh, New York, 1771–1971 Queries Index to Queries
Colonial Genealogist #27
Published as The Colonial Genealogist (VIII:1) Issue #27, January 1976, 32pp, including: Stephen Hopkins, Mayflower Passenger (1st part); by Dorothy M. Johns, FAS, OAA Family Relationships Reflected in Abstracts of Wills of Lancaster Co., Virginia (Mitchell, Payne, Merriman, Barker and others); by Dollye McAlister Elliott Bixby Bible, Niagara Co., New York to Wisconsin Ancestral Lines: Stroh/Straw, Huber, Welker, Stengle, Kipple, Feaser, Bradshaw DeShazer, Alben, Faubion, Douglass, Craft Douglass, DeShazer, Scott, Howlett, Craft Harris, Hill, Craft, Wood, Kiepper, DeShazer Craft, Hamilton, Decker, Hill, DeShazer Huyck, LeGuquet, Van Deusen, Clauw, Goodfellow, Wright, Cflments, Wildon Hulse, Crawford, Gandy, Rogers, Dillon, Jannsen, Holley Surname Interest Listings; News and Notes; Queries; Index to Queries; etc.
Colonial Genealogist #28
Published as The Colonial Genealogist (VIII:2) Issue #28, April 1976, 68pp., 5½×8½", including: "Stephen Hopkins, Mayflower Passenger" (continued), By Dorothy M. Johns, FAS, OAA "A Trilogy of Lines": Jones of Maryland/Virginia Huckstep-Gillum of Virginia Millington, with Woodward of Virginia; Paddock of Massachusetts, and Blakemore of Virginia ... contributed by Charles Galloway Clarke "The Maternal Ancestry of Robert Carter of Corotoman" (introduction to manuscript charts held in the Augustan Society Library) Ancestral Lines: Miller, Silkman, Reynolds, Firner, Roquette, Sever Marcum, Belcher, Vance, Walker, Akin, Abbott Perry, Weaver, Maddox Robinson, Gibson, Jernigan, Journagan, Smith, Sherry Park, Searles, Myrick, Hastings, Aylesworth, Spencer, Kellam, Stover Stover (Staufer), Cockenhower, Voorhis, Hawkins, Carter, Bohley, Spencer Pedigree Problems: Wilcox, Barber, Benedict Frost, Knapp, Witham, Barber News and Notes; Reviews; Queries; Surname Interest Listings; etc.
Colonial Genealogist #29
Published as The Colonial Genealogist, Vol. VIII, No. 3, Issue #29 in August 1976, 32pp., 5½×8½", including: The People of the Marsh (Moser/Musser/Mosser lines), The Mennonite Mussers, Hans Musper, Christian Musser, Jost Musser, Peter Musser, Jacob Musser, Henry Musser, “Cousin” Peter Musser (Part one), by Charles Recker Stephen Hopkins, Mayflower Passenger (continued), by Dorothy N. Johns, FAS, OAA Francis Makemie (c. 1658–1708), part 1, by Richard S. Uhrbrock, PhD Robert Johnson of the Virginia Company, by Lorand V. Johnson, MD, OAA 193 Years Old, Comments on the Bicentennial, with seven portraits, by Rodney Hartwell Ancestral Lines: Willcocks/Willcox/Wilcox, Badgley, Howell, Valentine, Crane, Fields, Wallace, Agnew, Stromer, Maddocks Fry, Moyer/Myers, Mos(i)er, Wilcox, Brickner, Busch Worley, Webb, Moore, Waits, Stone, Bressey/Brassey, Allen, Mullen, Williams, Pussey Smith, Battaille, Martison, Moore, littehon, Webb, Waits Endicott, Gibson, Smith, Gillham, Welsh, Hill, Mullen Mullen/Moulin, Waits, Nicholson, Mallone, Holloway, Endicott, Garnett, David Williamz News and Notes; Reviews; Queries; Surname Interest Listings; etc.
Colonial Genealogist #30
Published as The Colonial Genealogist, (VIII:4) Issue #30, 67pp (169–235), including: John Drummond and Colonial Descendants of Accomack Co., Virginia, by Nora Miller Turman, CG Some Washington Notes Stephen Hopkins, Mayflower Passenger (concluded), by Dorothy N. Johns, FAS The People of the Marsh (continued), by Charles Recker Francis Makemie (c. 1658–1708), continued, by Richard S. Uhrbrock, PhD The George Family of Lancaster Co., Virginia, and Their Relatives, as stated in their wills 1661–1795, by Dollye McAlister Elliott The Dungan Descent from Plunkett-Plunkett of Killeen, by Robert Joseph Curfman, MA Ancestral Lines: Mellor, Corner, Miller, Nultbn, Cheadle, Moyer, Mason, Michler Littleton, Southey, Robins, Stringer, Harmanson, Tilney, Layton, Jackson, Register, Downeg, Tubbs Ludlow, Cogan. Brewster, Muncy, Skidmore, Lowber, Jackson, Barratt, Layton, Register, Downes, Tubbs Johnston, Leith, Massie, Ellyson, Moorman, Carson, Archibald, Weygandt, Peters, Strom, Jones Lineage Societies—-Some and some comments Queries; Surname Interests; Colonial Immigrant Card File; etc.
Colonial Genealogist #31
Published as The Colonial Genealogist, Vol. IX, No. 1, Issue #31, n.d., 50pp. Genealogical Periodicals: A Neglected Treasure by Laird C. Towle, Ph.D. The James Families of Lancaster Co., Virginia, and Their Relations as Stated in Their Wills 1692–1789 by Dollye McAlister Elliott, FAS/hc Bernon Crawford Tripe Dodge Clark, submitted by Mrs. Philip H. Bradway Francis Cooke of the Mayflower compiled by Nancy Moore and Stanley Moore, CG Abraham Kieffer of Pennsylvania, Arrived 15 September 1748 by Elizabeth Clarke Kieffer, GRS John Moore of Sudbury, Massachusetts (Living there 3 April 1640), Part I by Stanley E. Moore, CG Ancestral Lines: Hatch, Hurd, Littlefield, Storer, Crediford, Edge Carder, Holden, Dungan, Paine, Westgate, King, Freeman, Innes, Harlow, Webster, Kelius Drake, Merrelis, Bland (alias Smith), Austin, Towle, Hobbs, Perkins, Silver, Clark, Bickford, Burgess, Morrell, Dorrance Manwaring, Raymond, Hough, Tallman, Danforth, Goodwich, Dorrance, Morrell Queries, surname interests, colonial immigrant card files, news & notes, etc.
Colonial Genealogist #32
Published as The Colonial Genealogist Vol. IX, No. 2, Issue #32, (1978), 67pp. Nicholas Hayward of London and the Huhuenot Emigration to Virginia by Dollye McAlister Elliott, FAS/hc John Moore of Sudbury, Massachusetts (concluded) by Stanley E. Moore, CG Rediscovery of Warrenay Church Site, the “Upper Church” of Blisland Parish, New Kent Co., Virginia by Charles F. Wilkes, FAS The Revefrend John Lyford and Plymouth Colony by Dorthy Mae Johns, FAS, OAA World Conference on Records 1980 First North American Heraldic Congress 1980 Newcomb/Farr Bible Record Texas State Genealogical Society Presents Awards Ancestral Lines Wilkin, Duncan, Ellis, Manly, Fouts, Harris, Ziegler, Johnson Reade/Reed/Reid/Read, Haymes, Holloway, Amsden, Raynsford, Marks, Andrews, Baird, Burnham, Arner Paternal Ancestral Chart of Frank Powers Maternal Ancestral Chart of Frank Powers Queries, news & notes, comments & observations
Colonial Genealogist #33
Published as The Colonial Genealogist Vol. IX, No. 3, Issue #33, November 1978, 60pp. The Custis Family of Virginia, Part I: Arlington-Hungars Branch by Nora Millet Turman, CG Robert Hicks of Plymouth, Part II by Carl Boyer, 3rd, FAS/hc George1 Lilly (circa 1638–1690/1) and some Descendants in Massachusetts and Connecticut by Stanley E. Moore, CG The Tiptons of Tennessee: An Effort to Straighten Out the Line by Dollye McAlister Elliott, FAS/hc Roger Conant “Master Builder” by Dorothy M. Johns, FAS, OAA Ancestral Line: Grafton, Kitchen, Hunn, Luff, Robinson, Barratt, Jackson, Layton, Register, Downes, Tubbs Queries, surname interest listings, news & notes, etc.
Colonial Genealogist #34
Published as The Colonial Genealogist Vol. IX, No. 4, May 1979, 48pp. Thomas Herring, Danish Pioneer of Dedham MA by Esther Rancier The Wives of Robert Paddock of Plymouth Colony, by Robert Joseph Curfman, MA, FAS/hc The Custis Family of Virginia, Part II: Deep Creek Branch by Nora Miller Turman, CG Family of Ulrich Stauffer/Stover of Virginia and Pennsylvania, Part I by Sheila Spencer Stover, MAS Ancestral Lines: Alden, Bass, Henshaw, Ward, Wright, Formhals Kyn, Sandilands, Yeates, McCall, Tims, Knowland, Yates, Formhals Reviews and notices of publications, editorial notes, queries, surname interest listings, etc. Surnames mentioned: Adams, Addison, Alberti, Alden, Alexander, Allday, Allen, Andrews, Andrus, Arlington, Arnold, Averill, Bacon, Baker, Baldwin, Ball, Barackman, Barickman, Barker, Barnes, Barney, Barrackman, Barrickman, Barrows, Barrus, Bass, Bateman, Bayside, Beach, Beauchamp, Beeckman, Belanger, Belcher, Benedict, Bentlay, Bentley, Bentz, Bigelow, Bill, Black, Bland, Bliss, Bogardus, Boiling, Borden, Boudinot, Bowdoin, Bowen, Bowerman, Bowie, Boyer1, Bradhurst, Bronson, Brown, Browne, Brownell, Brownson, Budd, Buell, Bullock, Burchfield, Burditt, Burge, Burns, Burr, Caldwell, Campbell, Campe, Carpen­ter, Carr, Carver, Caryl, Cass, Cassey, Chambers, Chaplain, Chase, Clark, Clawson, Cockerham, Coffee, Coggan, Coggin, Cole, Coleburn, Coleman, Collins, Colton, Conant, Conger, Cook, Cooke, Coolbroth, Cooper, Copp, Corwin, Cought, Couteley, Cowgill, Cox, Crook, Crossman, Cudworth, Curlee, Curtis, Cushing, Custis, Cuyler, Daby, Damon, Darby, Davies, Davis, Day, De Fine, Dean, Debozear, Demond, Denney, Denton, Dewitt, Diadanna, Dickenson, Dickson, Dille, Dix, Dixon, Dobbs, Dodd, Donaldson, Donelson, Donkin, Dowell, Drake, Dubois, Dunham, Dunn, Durham, Dusenberry, Eades, Eaton, Eddy, Elliott, Emerson, Emery, Estes, Etchison, Evans, Everts, Eytchison, Farnum, Farrar, Fassitt, Faunce, Fausler, Fisher, Fitz-Randolph, Fitzwater, Flinn, Flowers, Folsom, Ford, Forman, Formhals, Forsyth, Fortson, Foseler, Foster, Fowner, Frainey, Fraser, French, Fry, Fuller, Funkhouse, Funkhouser, Galloway, Galtney, Gay, Gillett, Gochenauer, Goldberg, Goldsby, Goolsby, Gorkenhour, Gorkenour, Graham, Grant, Gray, Green, Greene, Grenway, Griswold, Grogaard, Gunn, Hackman, Hadden, Hageman, Hall, Hamilton, Hanchett, Hanlin, Haring, Harper, Harris, Harthorn, Harvey, Hatch, Hatfield, Haynes, Hearing, Heering, Heflin, Hemphill, Henderson, Hendrick, Henry, Henshaw, Herren, Herring, Hess, Heuer, Higgins, High, Hill, Hinckley, Hires, Hockman, Hodges, Hodsdon, Holden, Hollen­beck, Hollister, Holmes, Holt, Hooper, Horton, Hottel, Howland, Hoyer, Hull, Humphrey, Hunt, Hurst, Hyde, Iliff, Irelan, Ireland, Jackson, Jeannin, Jefferson, Jenkins, Jennin, Jenning, Jennings, Jess, Johnson, Johnston, John­stone, Jolley, Jones, Kel­sey, Kemble, Kempton, Kendal, Ken­dall, Kennedy, Kibby, Kingsbury, Kinnan, Kirby, Knapp, Knowland, Koehler, Koher, Kronk, Kyn, La Favor, Laird, Lake, Langhorne, Lauder, Lewis, Leyes, Lilburne, Little, Littlefield, Livingston, Lothrop, Lounsbury, Love, Low, Loyster, Luce, Ludlow, Luker, Lunn, Luse, Lyon, M’Kynnie, Macon, Makemie, Manley, Manly, Manning, Marbury, Marsh, Martin, Mathews, Matthews, Mauser, McCall, McCollough, McDonald, McDowell, McEwen, McKenney, McKinney, McKisick, McPhail, McWillie, Meacham, Mecham, Merrick, Merrill, Miller, Mires, Molleson, Moore, Morgan, Morrell, Morrill, Morse, Morton, Mouser, Mullins, Mungars, Murray, Myers, Neal, Nealley, Newcomb, Newton, Nicholas, Norton, Norwood, Ogden, Osborne, Osgood, Osterhout, Ouderkerk, Owen, Paddoc, Paddock, Paddocke, Padduck, Padoc, Padoch, Padoque, Palmer, Parker, Parramore, Peake, Pearce, Pearson, Pellam, Pendall, Perry, Peters, Phillips, Phinney, Phipps, Pickett, Pierce, Pike, Pitts, Platt, Pleasant, Poak, Poleygreen, Pollard, Pollgreen, Posteile, Potter, Poulson, Powell, Pratt, Price, Prichard, Prior, Purdy, Purefoy, Putney, Pyatt, Randolph, Rankin, Reeves, Reinard, Reno, Rhodes, Richard, Richards, Rickard, Ridell, Rider, Ridge, Roads, Roberts, Robins, Robinson, Rockhold, Rodgers, Rogers, Rolfe, Rone, Roosa, Roosevelt, Ross, Rudolph, Runyon, Russell, Ryan, Ryder, Salisbury, Sampson, Samuel, Sanders, Sandilands, Sargent, Saum, Savoie, Sawyer, Scarburgh, Scarlet, Schroyer, Schuyler, Scott, Scudder, Searles, Sears, Sebering, Selby, Seuberingh, Seymour, Shaver, Shaw, Shelton, Sheppard, Sherman, Shirey, Shoemaker, Shotts, Shroyer, Simonds, Skipwith, Slawson, Slocum, Smith, Snapp, Snow, Sparks, Speagle, Spicer, Spooner, Stanley, Staufer, Stauffer, Steele, Steelsmith, Stevens, Stith, Stone, Stout, Stovall, Stover, Stratton, Strother, Sutfin, Sutphen, Suydam, Sweeney, Symcock, Taylor, Teackle, Teas, Ten Broeck, Ten Eyck, Theodorik, Thomas, Thompson, Throckmorton, Timbs, Timms, Tims, Tindall, Tozer, Tozier, Traillour, Trine, True, Truitt, Tubbs, Tucker, Tullos, Turner, Underwood, Upshur, Vaden, Van Buren, Van Buskirk, Van Courtlandt, Van Munthe, Van Nuys, Van Renssfelaer, Van Wert, Vaughn, Villiers, Vines, Vliet, Von Fasting, Von Krogh, Voorhees, Vosseller, Wade, Waldo, Walker, Walkerly, Wallace, Waller, Waples, Ward, Ware, Warne, Watie, Watkins, Watt, Weatherbee, Weeks, Werling, West, Weston, Wheeler, Whitcomb, Whitcomby, White, Whiting, Whitmore, Whittemore, Whittington, Wilcox, Wilkes, Wilkins, Wilks, Willcoak, Willcocks, Willett, Williams, Wilson, Wise, Wood, Woodcock, Woodworth, Wright, Wyckoff, Yates, Yeardley, Yeates, Young, Younges, Zabriskie.